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To eliminate the Activate Windows watermark in Windows 10

Whether you got Windows legally or used some techniques to install it on your computer for free, we have all been there. Many people have had a bad computing experience due to the infamous “Activate Windows” watermark. It could obscure your perspective, make you feel awkward when you try to record your screen, or cause you to become distracted when playing video games or viewing movies.

We are going to demonstrate how to get rid of Windows 10’s “Activate Windows” watermark today.


The “Activate Windows” watermark: What Is It?

Like any other business, Microsoft is offended when its labors of love are pilfered, misused, and freely shared elsewhere. They devised the idea of inserting a watermark in the corner until the user legitimately activates Windows as a measure to discourage the piracy of their latest operating system, Windows 10.

Given that the watermark hardly gets in the way, this might not seem like a big deal. Rather, it resides above all windows, applications, and even your cursor.

It may not be a revolutionary approach to combat piracy, but it was sufficient to prompt you to come here and research ways to remove it. Do not fear; in addition to providing the obvious fix, we have put together a few ways to assist people who would rather not pay money to get the watermark removed.

It is important to note that none of these techniques truly activate your system—they just get rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark. Limitations like not being able to configure your PC at all will not be lifted either.

Now that you have that clear, let us get to work and get your Windows 10 system’s “Activate Windows” watermark removed.

How to Permanently Delete the “Activate Windows” Watermark

Let us see how to quickly and easily remove the annoying watermark from the corner of your screen!

Try the Notepad Trick.

Using the built-in Notepad program, you can easily remove the annoying little watermark in the corner of your screen by following this easy approach. Yes, the daily app you use for Notepad.

You may quickly get rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark off your screen by pasting some text and using an administrator account. This is the way you do things.

1. Open Notepad and start a new note with no content.

2. The following text block should be copied and pasted into Notepad.

@echo deactivated

explorer.exe taskkill /F /IM




3. Navigate to File and select Save as. Activation is the file’s name. bat and select All files as the file format.


4. Select the location where you can readily access the file, then press the Save button. For best accessibility, we advise storing files like these on your desktop.

5. Select “Run as administrator” with a right-click on the file. You are not logged into an account with admin capabilities if you do not have this option.


6. Restart your gadget to live a watermark-free existence!

Change the Registry

In general, casual Windows users do not tamper with the registry unless specifically directed to do so by an online instruction such as this one! It is an effective method to further personalize your Windows 10 experience by enabling you to tamper with application and system settings.

If this method appeals to you more, simply follow the following few instructions to use registry edits to get rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark.

1. Hold down the Windows + R keyboard shortcut. This will open the “Run” window.

2. To access the Registry Editor, type “regedit” and then press the OK button. This utility is used for adjusting registry configurations.


3. Utilize the arrow icon located beside a folder name to expand it and navigate through the Registry Editor interface. Access HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop using this procedure.


4. When the Desktop folder is selected, a list of values will show up on the right side of the window. Double-click the value for PaintDesktopVersion.


5. To save this change in your system, change the Value from 1 to 0, then click the OK button.

6. Enjoy your computer being watermark-free after restarting!

Modify the Level of Accessibility

Did you know that you can instantly remove the watermark from your Windows 10 computer by making a small setting change? You are not the only one if your answer was no. The watermark that comes with Windows 10 can also be removed by simply turning off background images with Ease of Access.

1. To access the Search tool, press the Windows + S keys on your computer and type in Control Panel.


2. To open the traditional Control Panel application, click on the corresponding result.


3. Press the Ease of Access Center button. To see this menu, make sure your view mode is set to Large Icons.


4. In the Explore all settings section, select the Make the computer easier to see link.


5. When you reach the option to “Remove background pictures (where available),” scroll down and check the box to activate the feature.


6. Enjoy your watermark-free desktop after clicking Apply.

Employ a Watermark Remover for Windows 10

You may find a lot of web tools that can help you rapidly get rid of the Windows 10 watermark. When conducting your own research, use cautious when downloading these apps as they can be dubious and originate from many sources on the internet.

We suggest using Universal Watermark Disabler as our watermark removing program. We selected an application that will guarantee that you never again have to see “Activate Windows” in the bottom corner of your screen. Just open it after downloading it, then follow the prompts on the screen.

Advice: Universal Watermark Disabler is compatible with previous iterations of Windows. Do not forget to recommend it to your fellow techies who are still on outdated OSs.

Turn on Your Operating System

Yes, leaving out the real, effective method of removing the “Activate Windows” watermark—activating Windows—would be impolite. Celebrate if you have already figured out how to verify your copy of the OS! You can remove restrictions, activate your machine, and never see “Activate Windows” again.

Windows 10 is available for purchase on the official website as well as through a number of third-party resellers, internet retailers, and people offering licenses or product keys for sale.

This is the real way to activate Windows 10.

1. Utilize a Product Key to Activate

1. Find the product key. The alphanumeric code, which is 24 characters long, varies based on where and how you bought Windows 10. Seek it out:

      1. within your inbox of emails.

      2. on the webpage of the store where you bought Windows 10.

      3. on a tangible sticker or piece of paper.

2. Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard to quickly bring up the Settings window.

3. On Update & Security, click.


4. From the menu on the left, select Activation, and then select Change product key.


5. After entering your product key, select Next. Await the activation of Windows 10 and take pleasure in an unrestricted and watermark-free operating system!

2. Use a Digital License to Activate

1. The Settings window can be easily opened by pressing the Windows + I buttons on your keyboard.

2. On Update & Security, click.

3. After selecting Activation from the menu on the left, select Go to Microsoft Store. Use your search bar to look for Microsoft Store if you are unable to see this button.

4. If the product page does not open instantly, go to the store and look for Windows 10.

5. This page will display one of two messages:

      1. Put in. To set up Windows 10 on your computer with an activated digital license, press the button.

      2. Purchase. Get Windows 10 and get it activated as soon as possible. If a purchase has already been made, sign into the Microsoft account that was used.

6. After the installation is finished, you can use the system without a watermark!

View this video: Your Windows License is About to Expire – Get Windows 10 Permanently Activated

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