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7 Methods To Show NVIDIA Control Panel On Windows 10

Windows 10 Computer with NVIDIA GPU

If you’re one of those NVIDIA Graphic Card users experiencing errors to show the NVIDIA Control Panel, This article is for you.

NVIDIA Graphic Card is a well known affordable, powerful, useful, and customizable graphic card. There are about 74% of NVIDIA graphic card users in the world. 

But many of the users reported the missing NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows 10. So, you are not alone who is experiencing the problem.

The good news is, this article will provide you with seven effective methods to show the NVIDIA Control Panel.

But before diving in the methods, you need to know the importance of using the NVIDIA Panel and what causes the problem of not showing up.

The Importance of NVIDIA Control Panel

The NVIDIA Cpanel is essential because it is the only way to change your graphics card properties and improve your computer visual performance. 

This is what your Control Panel will look like if it shows up on your Windows 10 PC.This is the NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows 10

What Causes The NVIDIA Control Panel Error?

Now, it’s time to know and understand the possible causes why your panel to control the NVIDIA graphics card is not showing up are.

Here are the most common cause you may encounter:

  • Your NVIDIA Control Panel Is Corrupted

Your GPU Panel may be corrupted due to some malware, spyware, or unknown files that affect your graphics card panel that results in corruption itself.

  • Due To Windows Update

Let me ask you, have you updated recently your windows 10? Well, it may be the cause. Your driver on the graphics card may have changed. 

There is then a compatibility issue between your GPU drivers and the operating system. Updating your graphics card driver is recommended. 

  • Registry Entries Are Missing

Using Registry is a way to control many settings of your PC. If your registry entries are missing out or are not right, Then this causes your NVIDIA Control Panel not to show up. You can use a registry editor to fix this. 

  • Issues On Graphic Card Drivers 

You need to be aware of different graphic card driver issues, such as compatibility issues, out-dated drivers issues, or corrupted files of drivers issues. 

What you can do with these issues are following these seven effective methods.

Methods You Can Use To Show NVIDIA Control Panel

Method 1: Unhiding Your NVIDIA Control Panel

Sometimes you are not aware that it’s your mistake to hide your NVIDIA Control Panel, which causes it to be missing. 

Another possible thing that can happen is that your third-party applications or windows hide them automatically.

Let’s proceed to the steps of unhiding it.

Step 1: Type in the Control Panel on your search on the taskbar. Then Click and launch the control panel.

Access first the Control Panel to show up the Control Panel of NVIDIA

Step 2: Change the Category View to Large icons view

This is the Control Panel Window

Step 3: Choose and Click NVIDIA Control Panel from the icons

Highlighting the NVIDIA Control Panel from the Control Panel List

Step 4: On the NVIDIA Control Panel, Click on the Desktop Menu. Then make sure to check the Add Desktop Context Menu and Show Notification Tray Icon.

This is the Exact NVIDIA Control Panel

Step 5:  Now close the NVIDIA Control Panel. And then right-click your desktop.

NVIDIA Control Panel Menu on the Desktop Dialog box

There you have it. You should be able to show your GPU Control Panel.

Does it work on your end? If not, let’s proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Manually Opening Your NVIDIA Control Panel

Another effective method you can also try is opening your GPU Control Panel Manually. Here are the step in doing it. 

Step 1: Go to Your File Explorer, then locate your Local Disk (C), click your  Program Files Folder. 

Program Files location

Step 2: Then Choose and open the NVIDIA Corporation Folder

NVIDIA Corporation Folder


Step 3:  You must see a Control Panel Client Folder. Click and Open it.

The Control Panel Client on the NVIDIA Corporation Folder

Step 4: Then then there must be an application type file named nvcplui. Right-click it and Run as Administrator 

nvcplui on the Control Panel Client folder of the NVIDIA Corporation

You can also create a shortcut by choosing the Create Shortcut on the dialog box

 Creating a NVIDIA Control Panel Shortcut.

Method 3: Restarting Your NVIDIA Services

Let’s try restarting your NVIDIA Services. It may sometimes happen that NVIDIA Control Panel is missing on the Desktop menu or the system tray. Let’s proceed to the steps of this method.

Step 1: Press Windows + R together to show the Run box. Then type services.msc.

run box

Step 2: The Service window will appear, which contains the current running services. Select each service that start with NVIDIA. You can click on the Restart on the left side of the window or right-click on the NVIDIA service you select.

The Service window to locate NVIDIA Control Panel Drivers  

But if the service has no status of “Running,” it means you must select the Start the Service. 

Note: If you encounter an error 14109, which has a message of “Windows cannot start NVIDIA Display Container Service”, I recommend you to follow the next method, the Reinstalling of NVIDIA Card Driver

Method 4: Reinstalling Your NVIDIA Card Driver

Step 1: Open the Device Manager by Right Clicking the start button.

Higlighting to click on the Device Manager

Step 2: Uninstall the NVIDIA Driver, so right-click the NVIDIA Driver.

Uninstalling the NVIDIA Control Panel Driver

Step 3: Now, the NVIDIA Card Driver is now uninstalled. It’s time to reinstall it. So, visit the website of NVIDIA Graphic Card Drivers  Download. From the options given, you need to set the appropriate requirement based on your computer specifications.

Download NVIDIA Control Panel Drivers on the NVIDIA Website

After installing the driver, you need to restart your computer and check if your NVIDIA Control Panel is now showing. If not, we still have three (3) methods left.

Method 5: Updating Your NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Directly From Microsoft

Let us use the Device Manager in this method. 

Step 1: Launch the Run box by pressing and holding Windows + R keys. Then type in devmgmt.msc, then click on the OK button

Run Box with devmgmt command

Step 2: Click on the Display Adapters to expand the options

The Device Manager Window Where you can update the NVIDIA Control Panel Driver

Step 3: Right-click on the NVIDIA Driver, then choose the Update Driver

Step 4: Select then click the “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

Windows will automatically update the driver if it finds an updated driver but it will automatically download and install the driver.

Step 5: Now, you can restart your PC.

Method 6: Updating Your NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver From Third-Party Application

DriverHub, DriverPack Solution, and Driver Booster are some of the third party free updater apps you can use. Also, you can use other advanced apps but make sure that they are reliable. 

Method 7: Disabling The Overclock On Your GPU

You may want to disable your overclock on your GPU. Many users reported that disabling their overclock on GPU makes their NVIDIA control panel show up.  

So, we recommend you disabling it as overclocking your GPU can cause much error on your PC though it helps gain performance.

Get Expert Help on NVIDIA Control Panel On Windows 10!

Are the methods shared in this article helpful and fixed your problem on NVIDIA Control Panel? Fastsoftwares love to help you. You can comment down or reach our expert team anytime. 

Our team is skilled in solving Microsoft products-based problems, and we offer genuine and affordable Microsoft products licenses. 

Let’s talk? Contact us today!

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