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We are constantly trying to provide our services to our customers effectively. The help center will address some of your issues and how you can solve them. You can go to the sources or links given on this page to learn more about it.


Get answers to frequently asked questions and if you don’t find your answer, then you can ask it through the email provided.


Need help with your new purchase or perhaps your on the ropes about making your next purchase. We can help!


Find Helpful Articles such as tips, product comparisons how-to’s and etc. to maximize your Microsoft Office Usage.

Issues You May Encouter

Products and Orders Related

You can track your orders and see what you have ordered from your dashboard on our site. An account is necessary to use the services of our Company and shop online. You can manage and edit items that you are going to purchase.

We try to deliver your product most conveniently and fast. So, the Company has arranged and designed this process to be as fast and convenient for the customer. If you have any doubts or questions then have a look at our FAQs page, where we’ve answered the most common questions.

Software Products Related

The software that you are installing must be compatible with your computer. Also, the product and license keys that you purchase will be sent to you most securely. Check your computer’s version by going to the PC control panel and finding out about the PC or system. Also, see that the requirements and specs match with your system before purchasing to avoid any problems.

Our Installation Guide Page describes clearly how to install and activate your software.

Other Problems

Problems are inevitable even if we try our best to make our process error-free. So, for any errors or problems that you encounter, you can always report it to our team via email.

Other than that we have made this site easy and intuitive to navigate and search for products. You will quite like it after navigating through our site and start using it. We have done the hard work for you.

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