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Purchase Guidelines

Purchase Guidelines

Having issues with your recent software purchase? Do not worry as this is a normal occurrence. We prepared a simple guide to help you troubleshoot your installation or purchase concerns. Please read our recommendations below:

1.  Check the specifications (specs) of your device before making any purchases. The software must be compatible with your device. Some of the specs you need to examine are the device’s physical memory (RAM), operating system (OS) version and device compatibility. Purchasing incompatible software may lead to installation issues.

2.  All our software and other related products are 100 per cent (100%) genuine. They come with product licenses or keys to help activate your software. Rest assured that we do not sell counterfeit software or knockoff products.

3.  If you purchased the wrong software or product, please refrain from activating it. This will forfeit your refund. Please refer to item one as a reminder.

4.  Follow the software’s installation guide if you received the correct product. You may use it after installing and activating it on your device.

5.  Our website has a variety of guides to help you choose the correct software for your needs. However, if you need more information about a specific Microsoft product, please visit their official website for more information.

6.  If you are having trouble installing or activating your recent purchase, please send us an email for further assistance.

7.  We offer a 90-Day Guarantee Period for all our products purchased from our website. Lifetime support is also guaranteed

All the necessary installation and activation instructions will be sent to you after a successful purchase. Our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free buying experience.

If you have product queries or purchase concerns, contact our customer support team for assistance. Contact us today!

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