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How to Use Google Docs Dark Mode on Any Device?

google docs dark mode

Have you heard of the new feature of Google Docs, which is the dark mode? Google docs dark mode actually looks elegant since we use the light-themed one. 

Light-themed google docs are a little overwhelming for our eyes since we look at our screens with almost all-white color. It may cause our eyes to hurt more, especially when we work for longer hours at night. 

Our phones and computers have built-in night mode in the setting to reduce blue light, which, we might think, is close to Google night mode. 

According to Dr. Joanna A. Cooper, blue light is the most active spectrum in our sleep cycle. 

The bright screens stimulate the part of our brain designed to keep us awake that is why most of us have poor quality sleep.

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If you use Google Chrome almost every day for work or entertainment, this new theme will be enjoyable. It may reduce eye strain, and it is good when you work in front of your screen during the night or even during the day but in the darker corner of your room. 

By further reading this blog, you’ll learn how to enable dark themes on Google Docs, and we will also know the benefits of using Google chrome dark mode.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode in Google Chrome allows you to change the background color to black or dark. It uses white or light-colored text or icons in contrast with the dark background. It can also be black mode, night mode, or light-on-dark. Google docs app recently had this theme available, and it has also been available on our smartphones as a built-in system. 

As we have introduced dark mode in a very positive way, the following are some advantages of using it and reasons for you to give it a try. Although, it is still your choice whether you want to change to the dark theme or stay on the light-themed mode. 

When you run your apps in dark mode, your device’s battery life extends. Who does not want longer battery life, right? Besides, it distracts you from working when you charge your device multiple times a day. 

In light mode, it consumes 6x as much battery. On a fun note, some people use dark mode because it looks cool and not because it saves battery. OLED displays, according to Google, help in extending battery life when using dark themes.

While some companies still use the default theme for web content, dark mode delivers (still depends on what might work for you) better visual presentation like charts, photos, and dashboards.

How to enable dark mode in Google Docs on a computer?

Unlike other features where you can easily switch to whichever you want, the dark theme lets you enable it first in Google Chrome before utilizing it in Google Docs.

Using chrome extension is also an option if you want your Google Docs in dark mode. By opening the chrome web store, you can add Google Docs Dark Theme to Chrome.

Here are the following methods for enabling the dark mode of Google Docs

Method #1: By using Google Chrome flags

Not all users can access Chrome flags because it is hidden. Chrome flags are experimental features that are not part of the default Chrome, and it helps you access and customizes new features.

You have to be careful using this method. Make sure that you save all your active tabs before proceeding to the steps. 

  1. Type “chrome://flags” in your address bar then press the enter key.
  2. Type “Dark Mode” in the search bar.
  3. Then, choose “enable” from the drop-down menu. Other options are also available.
  4. “Relaunch” button will be seen below. Before pressing it, make sure that all your works from other tabs are saved.

After these steps, your settings are already changed, and the web contents are in dark mode. Also, with your Google docs, check and see if it has been changed.

Method #2: By Using an Extension

  1. Go to “chrome.google.com”
  2. Search for “Google Docs Dark Theme”
  3. After that, you can see “Add to Chrome”, then click that button
  4. Click the confirmation that says “Add Extension”

Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs on IOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

It is easy to change the theme of your Google Docs from light to dark on your iPad or iPhone. Here are some steps to follow if you want dark-themed Google Docs. 

  1. First, Open the Google Docs, sheets, or Slide app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Then, tap menu at the top left.
  3. Next,tap setting.
  4. After that, tap “Theme”.
  5. Then finally, select “Dark” from the options given. You can now see your Google Docs in dark mode.

Note: Check if it has been changed to dark mode by reloading Google docs. 

Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs on Android

Changing the theme of your Android device is the same with an IOS device. It is easier to change the theme in Google Docs when you are using an Android device.

  1. Open Google Docs app then tap Menu.
  2. Tap settings and then tap Choose Theme.
  3. Select “Dark”. As easy as that, your Google Docs theme has been changed.

Any Thoughts about Google Docs Dark Mode?

Dark mode in Google Docs has provided us with some benefits. Most of us, users of Google Docs, want convenience. We chose a dark theme because it looks modern, elegant, and relaxed. 

It helps us endure a longer period of working in front of our devices’ screens without so much eye strain. It gives us a more relaxed surrounding, especially when we work from our homes, since dark mode reduces brightness which is sometimes stressful. 

Another benefit that it gives is a longer battery life. We all want a device that saves battery. Some devices drain their battery fast and users end up using the device while charging which will lead to a more serious problems to your devices in the future. 

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