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How to Print Black and White on Word

How to Print Black and White on Word

You probably want to save money on ink costs. But you don’t know how, because every time you print especially with a colored image it prints on colored and some documents are not necessary to print in color. In this article, we will walk you through how to set up your printers and Print a Black and White on Microsoft Word even if the text or images are colored. Keep in mind that the option that you may have depends on the type of printer you have.

Here are the steps to Print Black and White or Grayscale in Microsoft Word

  • Once the Microsoft Word document is ready to be print click on File and click print on the left side of the screen, for the keyboard shortcut just press ctrl + P. Then Click on the type of printer your computer is connected to. 

The image in the center is the preview of how your document looks like once printed.

  • After you selected the type of printer click on Print Properties.
  • After you click the Printer Properties a pop-up window will appear.

Click on Grayscale to Print your Microsoft Word Document in Black and White or Grayscale. You may also set the document size based on the paper size you want to use. Then click OK.


You may also adjust the number of copies you’d like to print by entering your desired print copies.

  • Once done you’ll be directed to the Print Page then click on Print.

Note: For other detailed information, you may check your printer manufacturer information and follow the steps. 

How to Print a Specific Page if you have multiple Pages

Microsoft Word lets you print the whole document, the current page, or all of the pages your word document has. Your word document has page numbering so if you want to print the specific page only, you may follow these steps.


  • In your Word Document click on File – then click on Print on the left side of the screen, or simply press Ctrl + P as what we did earlier. 
  • On the Settings Click on Print All Pages. In this area, you’ll see 4 options the 
  • Print All Pages which will print all the pages your word doc has.
  • Print Selection which is disabled on the sample screenshot above because nothing is selected, but if you opt to choose this option you have to select the section of the page you wish to be print.
  • Print Current Page the page where you stop working on or the selected page you want to print
  • Custom Print where specific pages, sections, and ranges are printed.
  • Click on Custom Print to specify the pages and sections you want to print.

Let’s use the syntax:


P stands for the Page and S stands for the section. So the first syntax means to print the first page and section number followed by a dash and the second syntax is to print the last page and section number.


To print separately like the page and section numbers, you may use a comma instead of a dash or just use s# to print all the pages of a specific section.


Let’s have an example:


If you want to print pages 1 and 2 of section 4. Simply put p1s4-p2s4

To identify the section of the page just click this icon 

This will show and help you where the sections of your page are or just open the header or footer area on a page in that section. Word will show you the section number right there. You may also create separate section breaks, depending on how do you want your documents to be displayed. 


To do that just click on Page Layout and select Section Breaks.

From here if you want to create a section on a new page just click on Next Page, Continuous if you’d like it to be on the same page, then Even Page or Odd Page.

To print complicated pages and sections, for example, you want to print page 3 of section 3 through page 5 of section 4. Simply enter p3s3-p5s4. 

To print the specific sections on the entire section let’s say you only want to print all the pages in section 2 and 5 (but none from section 3 and 4), you can simply enter s2,s5

To print a specific range of pages across sections for example to print pages 1-3 of section 1 and pages 2-6 of section 2. These are two ranges of pages that are not adjacent to one another. So just simply enter and type p1s1-p3s1, p2s2-p6s2.

  1. When you’re ready to print just click on Print.

There are a lot of hidden features Microsoft Word has. All you need to do is to discover them do some research or watch tutorial videos to expand your knowledge about its functions and features. But this could be much easier if you have a licensed product of Microsoft Office Suite. You can use all its features without worrying about the product to be deactivated.

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