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How To Use Wifi Direct In Microsoft Windows 10

wifi direct in windows 10 to a device


Are you aware of the Wifi Direct function of Microsoft Windows 10 on your personal computer? Or have you ever use it personally for your business? If you are familiar with Bluetooth, it is easy for you to understand more about the Wifi Direct feature that is in there on your Windows 10 PC. Bluetooth is a competitor of wifi direct. Both Bluetooth and Wifi directly have the device-to-device connectivity feature for file transfers and a close range of communications. The difference is wifi direct is not only for file transfers. It can do more than Bluetooth can do. The Wifi Direct feature supports your Windows 10, so if you want to maximize your benefits in it, you have to keep reading this article. And learn how to use it.

Wifi Direct Definition

Now let’s define what Wifi Direct is.

Wifi Direct is an added feature on your Windows 10 PC. From Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012, wifi direct is fully supported. 

It allows direct connectivity from peer to peer connection. Wifi Direct use wifi radio frequencies to make the connection without the need for a wifi network. This is how Wifi Direct works.

It works by enabling a software-generated access point from the device host, which creates a temporary network of wifi that is in the process.  Then there is a WPS (wifi protected setup) with the pin code, which uses authentication.

This is how the connection between the devices works.

You can now share files, screen sharing, play games, and even share an internet connection.   

Benefits Of  Wifi Direct in Windows 10

The functions of Wifi Direct are beneficial if we know how to utilize its features. So here are the benefits you can experience with wifi direct:


There is no need for any routers or internet connection to share files and sharing screens. Data transfers are immediate as Wifi Direct is a new technology that evolves. All you need are your devices to connect. And set up the settings required

2. Applications Are Versatile And Flexible

Be reminded that Wifi direct is somewhat similar to Bluetooth technology, which ables to transfer files and synchronize data. But for wifi direct, it includes sending and receiving data, screen sharing, wireless printing, and even playing as multiplayer on all devices connected to the network. 

Also, wifi direct can connect to different devices. Even one device is needed to be compliant with the Wifi Direct standards to establish its connectivity to other devices. 

3. Data Transfer Is Better

Even the connection is wireless, and no internet connection is needed, transferring speed of wifi direct is up to 250Mbps, unlike Bluetooth technology with only 25Mbps. And when in terms of the distance, compared to Bluetooth 4.0, which has 200 feet only, wifi direct has a theoretical distance of 656 feet.   

4. Connectivity Secured

Since there is a need for a passcode or PIN to connect, it is an additional security attribute of the wifi direct. It is because wifi direct is protected by WPA2 security certifications and protocols.

There is a setup process that users need to undergo to connect via the Wifi Direct technology. 

5. Computer Peripherals Wireless Connection

The computer peripherals’ wireless connection was made possible because of wifi direct. If you are using wireless mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, remote control, the functions, and displays are implemented because of Wifi Direct.

Windows 10 PC Wifi Direct Supported 

If you are decided to use wifi direct instead of Bluetooth, then your Windows 10 PC or laptop is supported. But take note that Wifi Direct has standards in which your Wifi internal chip or external chip will have to support it as windows 10 has full support.

Now, let’s find out if the Wifi Direct standards support your Windows 10 PC or laptop. You’ll be needing the Windows Powershell. 

Follow these simple step to find out:

Step 1: Right Click on Your Start Menu, then select and click Windows Powershell (Admin)
Accessing Windows Powershell
Step 2: Type ipconfig, and it will show you the list of network connections and adapters. See if Microsoft Wifi Direct Virtual Adapter is on the list. 
Connection Network List of ipconfig
If Microsoft Wifi Direct Virtual Adapter is not listed, it means it does not support Wifi Direct connection.
In this case, you will need a third-party device to support it.  


Setting Up Wifi Direct on Your Microsoft Windows 10

It’s time to set up your wifi direct. First, make sure that you turn on the Windows 10 PC that you want to connect to.  And here are the steps for the pc you want to connect you have to follow.

Step 1: Right-click your start menu, then click and select Settings

 Windows 10 Settings

Step 2: Another window will appear, then select and click on Network & Internet

Accessing the Network and Internet Settings

Step 3: Under the Network & Internet, Select and Click Wi-Fi

Wifi Settings

Step 4: Browse the menus and look for Wi-Fi Direct Alternative. Follow the instructions given as you enable wifi direct.

Step 5: Remember the network name (SSID) and the passcode as you will need them later on.

Step 6: On the other windows 10 PC, which will be your host, click on the Search, then type Wireless. And choose and click on Manage Wireless Networks.

Step 7: Then, Click Add

Step 8: And lastly, choose your wifi direct device wifi network and enter your password. And there you have it, and you are now connected with Wifi Direct network.

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