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Fixing the No Sound on YouTube Problem with These Proven Solutions

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Experiencing no sound on YouTube can be such a drag. Most people watch on Youtube to have a complete fun or educational experience with both video and audio in tune. Having no sound on YouTube is an issue, moreover, if there are no closed captions included.

However, there is no need to worry as we offer the best methods to fix this error. Different reasons may cause this issue, from built-in audio controls of your browser to system settings. Just follow the following techniques to enjoy watching YouTube again!

Fixed: No Sound on YouTube

Fixing the no sound on YouTube issue. The initial thing to do is to take an approach depending on what causes the error. Check whether it involves your system, your browser, or the audio itself. Troubleshoot by narrowing down the factors.

  • Verify if peripherals are functioning properly. You should initially test if your headphones, earbuds, or speakers are working. To check, just plug out and plug back in. You can also test them by plugging them into different devices. If they function properly on a different device, then these peripherals are not the problem.
  • Make sure that all audio controls are on. There should be no muted control whatsoever. Even if the YouTube video and the system audio are unmuted, the browser volume might be muted. Checking all of these is a must.
  • Check all associated drivers. Damaged or missing audio drivers can prevent YouTube and all the other sources from producing sound. Check for updates and verify if the needed drivers are actually installed.

As soon as you have performed these checks, you can have a better idea of why a YouTube sound problem is happening. Below are solutions that you can perform to fix the sound issues efficiently.

1st Method: Check Audio Controls on YouTube

Don’t perform complex troubleshooting tasks if you have not checked the YouTube player yet. There is a possibility that you might have muted the video accidentally. Pressing the letter M on the keyboard can mute the video.

  1. Simply hover the cursor on top of the video. You can immediately see the video controls after doing so.
  2. Check the lower-left portion of the YouTube player. If you see the volume icon being crossed-out, then this confirms the no sound on YouTube issue.

Checking Audio Controls on YouTube

3. Click on that crossed-out volume icon to unmute. You can also unmute the YouTube video by pressing M on your keyboard.

 volume icon to unmute

4. You will know that you fixed the no sound on YouTube problem as soon as you hear the audio of that video. Use the slider for adjusting the volume.

2nd Method: Make Sure if System Audio is Working

If you checked the YouTube video player and still find an audio problem, you should check the system audio, especially the Sound Manager. Follow these steps to verify if your system audio is working or not.

1. Check the lower right portion of your screen. The Volume icon should not be crossed-out, just like with the YouTube volume icon. If it is, then the system volume is muted.

lower right portion of your screen

2. To unmute, click the crossed-out volume icon, then drag the volume slider. This should unmute the computer right away.

3. Right-click on the same volume icon and select Open Volume Mixer.

Open Volume Mixer

4. You need to verify the level of volume from the browser you are using for your YouTube video. Check if it’s muted or not. If yes, just click it and drag the slider up.

level of volume

5. Close your Volume mixer. If there is still no sound on YouTube, try the following methods below.

3rd Method: Utilize the Audio Troubleshooter

There are built-in troubleshooters in Windows 10, and you should utilize this to check for errors. There is a big chance that running this could solve the no sound on YouTube problem.

1. Check the lower left part of your screen and click the Windows Icon to see the Start Menu. Select Settings. You can also perform a shortcut by pressing Windows + I.


2. Click Update & Security.

 Update & Security

3. Use the left-side pane and select the Troubleshoot Tab. From here, click Playing Audio.

Locating Playing Audio

4. You should see a Run the troubleshooter button. Just click that.

Run the troubleshooter

5. Just wait until the troubleshooter identifies an issue, then apply the possible fixes. Your computer may restart or shut down while on the process. After this, check if you could use Windows Media Player.

4th Method: Check for Browser Updates

Here are steps to update your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Update Google Chrome

1. Close Google Chrome

2. Relaunch the browser, then check the upper right corner for an available update.

3. Click Update Google Chrome. If the option is not available, then you have the updated version.

Update Google Chrome

4. Relaunch Chrome and check if the Youtube volume is not working still occurs.

Update Microsoft Edge

1. Click the menu button, then Help and feedback. Proceed to the About Microsoft Edge option.

2. Updates will start if needed.

Update Microsoft Edge

3. After the process, click the Restart button. The relaunch of Edge will apply updates.

relaunch of Edge

Update Firefox

1. Click the menu button, then Help. Proceed to the About Firefox option.

2. Click the button that showcases Update to (version).

Update Firefox

3. Restart Firefox after the process is completed.

Restart Firefox

5th Method: Clearing of Browser Cache

Another solution to answer the Youtube sound problem is via clearing cookies and browser cache.

Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

1. Check the upper right portion on the browser and click the three dots vertically arranged, then choose More tools. Select Clear browsing data.

Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

2. Choose the time range option of All time.

 range option

3. Enable Browsing history, Cached images and files, Cookies, and other site data.

Enable Browsing history

4. Select Clear Data, then restart Chrome.

Clear Microsoft Edge Browser Cache

1. Click Settings on the Menu button.

2. Switch to Privacy, search, and services. Click the Choose what to clear button.

Switching to Privacy

3. Choose All time on the time range.

time range

4. Pick download history, browsing history, cookies, and other site data, and Cached images and files. Click Clear Now.

Clear Firefox Browser Cache

1. Look for the Cookies and Site Data portion. Click Clear Data.

2. Choose Cached Web Content and Cookies and Site Data. Click Clear.

Clear Firefox Browser Cache

Browser Cache

3. Restart Firefox after the process is over.

6th Method: Update Sound Card Driver

1. Press Windows+R buttons.

2. Type “devmgmt.msc” (w/o quotation marks) then press Enter. Registry Editor will appear.


3. Click on the arrow to expand the Sound, video, and game controllers portion. Right-click on the audio driver, then Update Driver.

Updating Driver

4. Click the Search automatically for updated driver software.

Search automatically

5. Windows will download and install updates if the driver can’t be found on your computer.

7th Method: Set Playback Device

1. Right-click Sound icon.

2. Choose Sounds from the context menu.

sounds from the context menu

3. Check the Playback tab, then choose the device you want for default audio playback. Click Set Default.

 Click Set Default

4. Click OK, then test if the no sound on YouTube problem is solved.

Did You Fix Your Youtube Sound?

Having no sound on Youtube could be fixed just by applying the mentioned methods above. The important thing is to narrow down the potential issue-causing factors. The methods discussed earlier have been proven and tested. These could help you in solving the issue as soon as possible.

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