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Windows 11 release date, features, compatibility, and more

Microsoft released Windows 11, the first major operating system update in six years, for download to current users and purchase for new users on October 5, 2021.

When was the official release date of Windows 11?

In response, October 5, 2021

The release date of Windows 11 was October 5, 2021. On the same day that Windows 10 PCs that qualified for them started receiving free updates to Windows 11, pre-installed Windows 11 PCs went on sale.

With Windows 11, you can experience a new Windows interface that is intended to get you closer to your passions and boost your creativity and productivity.

Thus far, Microsoft’s latest “New Generation” operating system has delighted PC users with its array of new features. You might want to give the operating system another chance if you were among those who vowed never to use it again because of bugs and performance problems in the past.

Microsoft Windows 11 comes with new software updates and fixes, along with a redesigned interface and improved security features.

Features and facts about the Windows 11 release

  • Date of release: October 5, 2021
  • Price: Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for those who are already using Windows 10.   
  • Interface modifications: A new, rounded look
  • Microsoft Store redesign and Android app compatibility
  • improved interaction across Xbox apps
  • Older games appear more colorful with AutoHDR.
  • SSDs will benefit from DirectStorage in Windows 11.

Can you use Windows 11 on your PC?

Do you want to know if the upcoming version of Windows is compatible with your computer? All you need to do is utilize your device’s PC Health Check program and watch for the results.

If you discover that Windows 11 is incompatible with your machine, do not give up just yet; there may be a solution.

Highlights of Windows 11 features

  1. Calm and ease → The new Windows 11 design and sounds are elegant, contemporary, tidy, and fresh → making you feel at rest and at ease.
  2. Stuff at the center: Windows 11 places you and your stuff front and center with Start. Start shows you your most recent files on any device, no matter what device you are reading them on, using the power of Microsoft 365 and the cloud.
  3. Improved experience → With Desktops, Snap Layouts, and Snap Groups, you have even more options for multitasking and maximizing your screen real estate.
  4. With Microsoft Teams TM integrated chat into the taskbar, you can communicate with the people you care about and work with more quickly.
  5. Widgets ↑ Now offers a faster method to obtain the information you care about; widgets are driven by AI and include a new personalized feed.
  6. Microsoft EdgeTM is a fast, highly performant browser with productivity tools built in. With Edge, you can accomplish more online.
  7. Gaming ↑ With features like DirectX12 Ultimate, Auto HDR, and DirectStorage, Windows 11 offers the finest gaming experience to date and lets your system’s hardware reach its full potential. For a single, affordable monthly fee, you can play over 100 top-notch PC games on Windows 11 with Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate. (Separately marketed Xbox Game Pass)
  8. The Microsoft Store → Experience Windows 11’s completely redesigned Microsoft Store, which features an intuitive search and discovery interface for all of your favorite apps, games, TV series, and movies in one safe place. Amazon and Intel have partnered to bring Android apps to Windows 11 through the Store.
  9. Accessibility ↑ With new accessibility enhancements created for and by individuals with disabilities, Windows 11 is the most inclusive version of the operating system.
  10. Fresh prospects for developers and artists → Windows 11 gives developers and artists additional possibilities. With new developer tools, native and web app development is improved, and it is now simpler for you to update the appearance and feel of all our app designs and experiences. More developers and independent software suppliers (ISVs) are now able to submit their apps to the Microsoft Store.
  11. Speed: Windows 11 has been optimized to enhance touch, digital pen, and voice input experiences while maintaining speed and efficiency.

In conclusion, the operating system for hybrid work is Windows 11. It offers fresh experiences that are safe by design and function the way you do. It makes IT management and deployment simple and comfortable.

Businesses can also try Windows 11 in preview mode with Azure Virtual Desktop, or they can experience Windows 11 in the new Windows 365 when it becomes generally available.

What is the price of Windows 11?

Visit our Windows 11 product page to view the costs and comprehensive specifications of Windows 11.

The good news is that upgrading to Windows 11 is completely free for everyone in possession of a valid Windows 10 license. Please feel free to browse our Store and grab a copy of Windows 10 while supplies last if you want to get a good deal!

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Windows 11: Is It Worth It?

With Microsoft’s most recent update, users can anticipate an even deeper connection between themselves and the computer activities they enjoy most, thanks to a fully revamped user experience and enhanced performance across all devices.

With Windows 11, you can work smarter, not harder, by enhancing the best features of Windows. Additionally, using numerous displays or devices will not be an issue anymore because everything has been streamlined! We refer to that as getting greater value for your money.

By enhancing all of Windows’ wonderful features, the new system also increases productivity. This implies that customers who purchase the most recent version of Microsoft software products will essentially receive value for their money.

How can I install Windows 11?

October 5 is coming up soon. If you want to be the first to use Windows 11, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Purchase a fresh PC with Windows 10 preinstalled.

First of all, if you need a new PC right now, do not put it off. First off, do not wait to get a new PC if you need one right now. Take advantage of all the power and speed of a brand-new Windows 10 PC by upgrading to Windows 11 for free after the launch on October 5.

You can get the Windows 11 Key from Microsoft or from us here if your Windows 10 computer is already compatible with Windows 11. You may rely on us as we are reliable Windows 11 Key resellers.

Prior to leaving

Thus, Windows 11 has been available since October 5, 2021. We can help whether you require a new PC with Windows 11 pre-installed or if you are a qualified user of Windows 10 and want to upgrade to Windows 11 for free! You can even receive our professional advice on what is ideal based on your requirements.

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