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Windows terminal is the current terminal application from Microsoft. It is a better, more effective, and fast-paced terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, Powershell, and (Windows Subsystem for Linux) WSL. You can do more work in a single window. 

It has new and unique features such as multiple tabs, panes, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, and a GPU accelerated text rendering engine. It is a program that gives developers easy access to those tools. 

The new features of terminal windows also allow users to change themes and backgrounds, making it highly customizable.

Microsoft has opened another age of Windows 11 by reconstructing some parts of the operating system that users are used to. It is made functional, which is excellent for the utilization of Windows Terminal.

New Windows Terminal is Better in Every Way: Here’s Why

For a long time, users have been working with the Command Prompt and the recent PowerShell. It is time to level up Windows Terminal for better use. Microsoft presented Windows Terminal in May 2019, and now you can download and install it.

This blog lets us know the new set of unique features of Windows Terminal, and we will help you set up the terminal on your computer. 

What is Terminal Windows?

Microsoft has presented a new, improved terminal so users can have a better Windows terminal experience. Amazingly, we can customize more in this new version of the Windows terminal.

The newly built terminal supports multi-tabbed Unicode and UTF-8 characters. Even the styles and themes are more customizable to help users see fonts clearer, easy to read and have a more comfortable environment on their computer. 

Advantages and Benefits of Using Windows Terminal

Let’s know more about the new Windows terminal benefits. There are many advantages when you switch to the latest Microsoft terminal.

1. A variety of command-line applications are supported by multiple profiles

In the new windows terminal, you can operate any program with a command-line interface, including PowerShell, Azure Cloud Shell, and any WSL distribution like Ubuntu or Oh-My-Zsh.

2. Customize schemes for uniqueness

If you are used to plain-looking Windows terminal commands, here in the new Windows terminal, you can have a variety of color schemes and settings. 

3. Multi-tab design

This increases your productivity level because it can accommodate multiple tabs in a single Terminal window. It eliminates the inconvenience of having to open another window.


4. Split panes

It is now easy to look at two different tabs without opening another app. It makes the work so much easier with spit lanes.

5. Custom actions

Custom commands can be used in Windows Terminal to make it appear more natural. For example, you can change a keyboard shortcut to whichever you think is more comfortable. 

6. Unicode and UTF-8 characters are supported

Windows Terminal can show Unicode and UTF-8 characters like emoji and characters from many languages.

7. Background image support

You can put images and gifs in your Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal Availability and System requirement

Windows Terminal has a new set of features that can only be utilized in Windows 11, but some of the features can also be available on some versions of Windows 10, and it should be version 18362.0 or higher so you can download and install the latest Windows Terminal by Microsoft.

How to Get Windows Terminal?

Let us see if your computer system meets the requirements for downloading and installing the latest Windows Terminal.

First Method: Download Windows Terminal in Microsoft Store

Downloading the new Windows Terminal from the Microsoft store is the simplest way to get it. Secure your Microsoft account first before you download it, and that is all you need to acquire the latest Windows Terminal.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your PC then, find Windows Terminal then click it to redirect you to the page.
  2. Once you are on the Windows Terminal page, click the “Get” button to open Microsoft Store app.
  3. After opening the Microsoft Store app, click “Install”.
  4. Wait until it finishes downloading and installing.
  5. If it is already downloaded, click the “Open” button then you are done. You can now start customizing and executing Windows Terminal commands.

Second Method: Download Windows Terminal Through Github

If you cannot download Windows Terminal on Microsoft Store, you can download it from Github. 

  1. Type github.com/microsoft/terminal in your address bar.
  2. Click “releases” then choose the latest link on top of the page.
  3. At the bottom of the page, choose from the released files from the Assets category. 
  4. Downloading starts.

How to Change the Default Command-line Tool to Windows Terminal?

If your Windows still launches Command Prompt or PowerShell, Windows Terminal is not the default command-line tool yet.

  1. Install Windows Terminal on your computer first. You can use the two methods provided above.
  2. Go to Start Menu, then open Settings
  3. Click Updates & Security in the Settings app.
  4. Change it to For developers, then look for the Terminal section by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  5. Then, choose Windows Terminal.

Any thoughts about Windows Terminal?

To experience the new set of unique features, download and install Windows Terminal using any of the two methods provided in this article.

We have introduced to you the benefits of using the new Windows Terminal, and we are hoping that you find it useful. The benefits include various command-line applications supported by multiple profiles, multi-tab design, split panes, custom actions, background image support, and lastly, Unicode and UTF-8 characters are supported. 

Explore and create your themes, colors, backgrounds, and even your shortcuts, whichever you find more natural and familiar to you. Windows Terminal even supports a variety of types of shell environments in a single window and runs multiple apps at the same time.

We hope that in this simple blog, we were able to help you decide whether you want to install the new Windows Terminal or not, after knowing its many benefits. 

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