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The Microsoft Office Applications You Didn’t Know You Needed

finger is typing on phone using Microsoft office applicationsMicrosoft Office Applications is becoming a need to accomplish tasks either for your business or for your personal use. Commonly used Microsoft Office Apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. 

It’s been a practice that you tend to lean on Office apps; you are familiar already and never thrive on getting out of your comfort zone. For the reason that you are busy and want to get things done as fast as possible. And you don’t get the most out of anything on your Microsoft Office 365 as a result.

Microsoft Office 365 Software Application has an impressive security offering, and many apps can help you manage your task and everything. From managing your staff up to mileage.

No coding is needed here. All you have to do is learn and use these apps.

Spend time to discover their power, and for sure, it will be more helpful to increase your productivity.

Are you ready to know the Microsoft Apps that you might be missing?

Microsoft Office Application Software You Need

Now let’s dive into the list of Microsoft Office applications that you will need to use soon. Implement them in your business. Get the best experience with the app and make the most of it.

1.Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes its way for virtual meetings to be smooth and productive as it integrates online technologies such as chat, video call, audio call, and web conferencing is possible. These online technologies on Microsoft Teams are for anyone who wants to share or co-create files with Microsoft Office 365 applications. You can also integrate here the services apps from third parties to customize your team process.


Launching Planner is easy as 123. You can start making plans with a single click of your mouse. With Planner, you can: 

  • Plan Anew
  • Organize process, files and assign tasks to your team
  • Share Office files
  • Chat to collaborate
  • Be notified of updates.

You will have boards dedicated to a specific task and organize them through buckets–it’s a visual system planning.

3. Microsoft Whiteboard

If your team needs to brainstorm ideas with a whiteboard, then Microsoft Whiteboard is your buddy. Even your staff is over a million miles away, with Microsoft Whiteboard, you can brainstorm new ideas and even do strategies for your business.

It works on any device, and it is a freeform whiteboard digital canvas that you can use with a pen, keyboard, or touch. Your Whiteboard sessions are productive with Microsoft Whiteboard.

4. OneNote

If note-taking is your thing, OneNote is the solution. It has quick navigation and an easy search feature which your notebook is divided into sections. And every section is divided into pages. 

Locating your important notes is easy with OneNote. You can also revise using ink annotations, type, and highlight.

Whether you use your phone or any devices you have, you will not miss anything. You can use it even for urgent meetings or when you need to write an idea while taking your breakfast. 

5. MileIQ

The MileIQ application gives precise mileage reports that are amazingly simple to utilize. It chips away at your cell phone out of sight and consequently tracks your mileage at whatever point you drive. There is no need to press buttons to start or stop monitoring. It collects the mileage information and automates records of your tax deductions and reports of reimbursement. 

6. Yammer

Yammer can make your decision process to be more efficient. Its design is to connect all employees of a company to be aware of what’s happening daily. It allows you to involve essential discussions that can fast-track you in your task.

7. StaffHub

StaffHub in Office 365 is designed for the Firstline Workforce, which allows your employees to create spaces for a productive communication environment. Employees provide input in these spaces, exchange ideas, gain information from each other, and better understand the organization’s big picture vision. 

Wherever you are, you can quickly monitor staff schedules and keep updated when workers need to make adjustments. When they arrive in real-time, you can easily delegate tasks to fulfill business needs, and you can also provide your employees with training tools.

8. Flow

Flow enables you to create automated workflows between the applications and services you most frequently want to use. You can set up workflows to get updates, sync data, date selection, and many other possibilities.

9. Power Apps

Power Apps allow creating apps in hours rather than weeks. Furthermore, the applications are carefully related to the details you need. These are also user-friendly. When you’re designing applications, they use a point-and-click approach and have logic expressions close to Excel. The apps run on mobile, iOS, and Android as well. You can start with pre-made templates or start from scratch.

10. Power View and Power Pivot in Excel

You can use Excel all the time, but Power View and Power Pivot might not be familiar to you. When reports are required urgently, Power View makes interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation intuitive and straightforward to do on-the-spot. 

With a few steps, you can quickly produce quality visualizations. It is possible to create tables and matrices, pie, bar and bubble maps, and sets of several charts.

For Excel, Power Pivot is also an add-in that executes advanced data analysis and generates complicated, efficient data systems. This can collect large quantities of data from several sources, mash them together, thoroughly analyze them, and create insights.

11. Stream

Stream makes the business a powerful component of video sharing. It helps you build or find videos quickly, then smoothly and securely distribute them around your company. It also has several interactive features that allow employees to engage and communicate with the videos effortlessly.

12. Sway

Sway enables you to create stunning, attention-grabbing lectures, newsletters, and other documents (often only a few minutes). In a seamless way that draws quickly from your computer and the internet, you can drag and drop pictures, videos, and multimedia. Its built-in concept engine does the work and makes the graphic design and functionality fantastic.

Maximize Your Microsoft Office Application Usage

When you wade into a new app and learn its features, it will take a considerable time commitment. It can be disruptive to try to incorporate the latest stuff you’ve learned into an old routine, but it’s a good form of disruption. There may be growing pains, but it will be worth the time and effort to add these Microsoft Office 365 applications to your toolbox.

But, if you are looking for Microsoft Office Software keys only for your business, FastSoftwares has available software product applications for you. 

Reach us now; the FastSoftwares team can’t wait to serve you.

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