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In this article, we will talk about how to install Windows 11 Insider Build for free.

Windows 11 Insider is part of the Insider Program and is based on the name itself. It allows users who operate Windows 10 and 11 to test software. The insider program allows the users to register on pre-released builds to give feedback to the developers. It helps the developers know what needs improvement and what doesn’t on Windows operating system. Isn’t this a good and helpful idea for testers and developers?

As for Windows 11 Insider, are there improvements to look forward to?

After releasing Windows 10 in 2015, here came the successor, which is Windows 11. Since then, users have experienced many changes in their Operating systems. Now, Microsoft has released the first-ever Windows 11 insider build and you can install it without needing to pay for anything. That’s some excellent news.

If you are part of the Windows Insider Program, then this new release is available for you. Many innovations have happened in the last six years with Windows 10. And now, with Windows 11, Microsoft has updated the baseline system requirement to move forward and it will reflect on the Windows Insider Program.

How to Check System Requirements for Upgrading to Windows 11?

It is easier now to know whether you can upgrade to Windows 11 or not by downloading the Health Check app. This app helps you to take action if you need some troubleshooting and improvement of device performance. Here, you can see if there’s a compatibility issue between your computer and Windows 11.

Search PC Health Check in the taskbar then click it. If there is an available update for the Health Check app, install it immediately.

What if your PC can’t utilize Windows 11?

You don’t have to worry when you can’t run Windows 11 on your PC because many users have experienced that. There are many reasons why your PC can’t run Windows 11 most of the time. Users encounter this when they check compatibility issues for the first time. Remember to have time for troubleshooting before anything else.

How to Install the First Windows 11 Insider Preview for Free?

That’s great news when you are still using Windows 10 because you can now see the preview of Windows 11 when you become a Windows Insider.

In this part, we’ll provide some steps to install Windows 11 Insider preview for free.

First step: Become A Part of Windows Insider

Windows 11 might not be available to some regular Windows users right now, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s not a major problem because, with these steps, we’ll help you become a Windows Insider for free. 

Microsoft used the term Windows Insider pertaining to a member of the Microsoft community that contributes to the improvements of a software. If you are one of the people who love updates and new features then, all you have to do is to sign up.

Being a Windows Insider is easy and that’s what you have to do before experiencing Windows 11.

1. Use any browser that you have then go to Windows Insider Registration. Make sure to use the account you have for Microsoft. That’s the same account you’ll need for registration.

2. After effectively signing in, read the things you need to know to become an Insider. If you are ready to proceed, just put a check inside the box beside “I accept the terms of this agreement” then click Register Now.

3. Go to Settings, and click the Update & Security. Scroll down then look for the Windows Insider Program.

4. Click the Get Started button.

5. Pick your Insider settings by clicking Dev Channel to access Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Now that you set up your Windows Insider Registration, you have access to Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Next, we’ll get your device updated.

Second step: Download the New Update

After setting your Insider to Dev Channel, restart your computer then, download Windows 11.

1. Before the updates apply, reboot your device first.

2. Once rebooting is done, go to Settings then click Update & Security. There must be a Windows 11 Insider Preview that you can see and it should be downloading.

3. Remember that downloading takes an hour or two, depending on your internet speed. 

Third step: Install the Windows 11 Insider Preview

After downloading Windows 11 Insider Preview, updates will automatically install on your Windows. All you have to do is to wait on the updates until your device needs to reboot. 

Congratulations on your new operating system!

Upgrade to Windows 11 Now: Here Are the Reasons Why

If you like experiencing new features and updates firsthand, installing Windows 11 Insider Program might be fantastic for you.

Excellent experience awaits you when you install Windows 11 earlier.

1. Enjoy new and innovative features because Windows 11 Insider Preview provides a complete UI overhaul.

2. The start-up notification has a new sound. It gives excitement to your listening experience.

3. Choose a widget that’s helpful for you.

4. Gamers and other users enjoy framerate improvement.

5. If you are a Windows Insider, you will have access to updates before the company opens it to the public. You contribute to improving features and versions as long as you are an Insider–indeed, an amazing experience.

Any thoughts on Windows 11 Insider Preview?

In this article, we talked about how to install Windows 11 Insider Preview and you have learned about the things you’ll get into once you become an Insider. It would be more exciting when you read further about Windows 11 Insider until you find yourself installing it.

 Does experiencing new features before anyone else excite you or not? Now is the time to download and install if it excites you.

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