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Windows Server 2019 Essentials Open License

Windows Server 2019 Essentials Open License


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Windows Server 2019 Essentials Open License

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Windows Server 2019 Essentials Open License

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  • Has one (1x) secure product key
  • Has one (1x) secure download link
  • Note that this Windows Server edition is only compatible with PCs with the Windows OS.
  • With a valid Microsoft account support, users can enjoy this server for lifetime usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Windows Server Essentials 2019 enables users to acquire all the essential server updates that are important in scaling an organization. This version of Server Essentials provides its users the capability to utilize vital features for running an organization. Besides securing users' data and information, it also provides cloud-compatible servers with the ability to introduce remote machine functions for an elevated workspace. 


This Windows Server edition can handle the tasks of 25 individuals within a maximum limit of 50 devices. Along these lines, the server is a reasonable and viable solution for small-scale organizations' needs.


If your organization currently uses past editions of Windows Server Essentials, you'll find that this server upgrade is on another level. It includes all the essential features of the past Server releases. This edition also has a Client Access License (CAL), which permits it to handle 25 individual users on 50 gadgets. With its various highlights and upgrades, this server will take your business on a more elevated level at a sensible cost. 


Aside from CAL, this edition also offers an Open Licensing Program. This licensing option is specifically developed for organizations with locally available PCs from 2 up to 250 units. It is best for teams who need an adaptable and low-cost server that does its job. 


Product Inclusions: 

  • Has one (1x) secure product key
  • Has one (1x) secure download link
  • Note that this Windows Server edition is only compatible with PCs with the Windows OS.
  • With a valid Microsoft account support, users can enjoy this server for lifetime usage.


What features are included?

Windows Server Essentials 2019 Open License highlights all fundamental server functions in scaling up your business along with the competitive market. This Windows Server incorporates numerous upgrades, innovations, and an adaptable licensing framework that boosts user experience. Here is a portion of the Server highlights that will assist you in developing your business. 


Adaptable Licensing Program 

The Windows Server Essentials 2019 provides server access to up to 25 users using 50 gadgets. It is made possible through the Client Access License (CAL). Hence, the server has a design that suits small teams and organizations.


Remote Desktop Server Access

Using the Windows Server 2019 Essentials, users can access their servers anywhere, even outside their workplace. It is because it enables users to utilize its Remote Desktop Services. 


Storage Capacity Boost

This version of Windows Essential has built-in hardware support that offers optimized support for small teams and organizations. It features vital tools for storage capacity enhancements, including features like System Insights and Storage Migration Services. 


Windows Defender with Anti-Malware Protection 

Prioritize your server's security with the Windows Server Essentials 2019's built-in Windows Defenders. It works efficiently in blocking viruses, malware, and malevolent attacks. It also ensures that all your data are protected and secured at all times.


Tailored to Small Businesses

Again, the numerous highlights of Windows Server Essentials 2019 principally center around providing the best server solution for small organizations. Furthermore, it additionally incorporates tools such as the 2 OSEs/Hyper-V containers.


Eliminated Essentials Experience 

The center goal of Windows Server Essentials 2019 is to streamline data sharing and system administration. Now, this edition replaces the "Basics Experience" with the more compelling Windows Admin Center. 


How will I receive my software or product? 

Our attentive customer support ensures instant product delivery with our responsive digital download system. Once you finish your purchase, we will immediately email you an order verification. Right after, you receive the secure product key and download link of your Windows Server 2019 Essentials Open License. You can enjoy Fastsoftware's customer support at any time of the day and every day of the week.


Important Reminders for Buyers: 


  • Please note the Windows Server Essentials 2019 is only compatible with Windows PCs.
  • Do not expect a physical copy of the server since this is a digital product.
  • To activate your Windows Server Essentials Open License, you will need a valid Microsoft account. You can sign up for a free account on Microsoft's website.


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