Windows Server 2012 5 Device CALs
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Windows Server 2012 5 Device CALs

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Windows Server 2012 5 Device CALs

Windows Server 2012 5 Device CALs


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Windows Server 2012 5 Device CALs

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Our “Lifetime Guarantee” for peace of mind upon purchase.
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  • One protected link for download
  • A verified Microsoft-licensed product key
  • Windows compatibility
  • Unlimited and unrestricted use for Microsoft-registered users

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Businesses, new or old, big or small, do not have to suffer from complications. That’s why Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2012 which offers all the solutions needed by small and medium businesses.  


With this product, you can instantly add 5 Device CALs which will allow you to connect up to 5 devices to your servers. This way, you can grow and expand your business as much as you want, with more users benefitting from the same programs.


Windows Server 2012 has all the amazing features and services without the irrelevant stuff. This ensures that even businesses that are just starting up can benefit from the offerings of this program.


This model consists of Cores and CALs so each user must have a Windows Server and RDS CAL or a Windows Server CAL. This product offering is perfect as we offer 5 Device CALs, which is a cost-effective arrangement for your business.


Now, if you feel that this particular product isn’t for you, feel free to browse our other products. You might find something that fits your business better. However, we can guarantee that we offer the best prices in the market.


Product Inclusions:

  • One protected link for download
  • A verified Microsoft-licensed product key
  • Windows compatibility
  • Unlimited and unrestricted use for Microsoft-registered users


What features are included?


Windows Server 2012 is booming with the best tools and features. And with our offer of 5 Device CALs, you’re sure to utilize these to a great extent in your business. Below are just some of the features waiting for you once you purchase!


Boundless progress

With Windows Server 2012, there is no need to feel limited in growing your business. This program can grow with you as you can upgrade with no limits on the number of users of this service.


Remote accessibility

Businesses are becoming more mobile nowadays. As such, it is becoming increasingly important that our data is accessible from anywhere. This program allows accessibility with the addition of security through a VPN connection. Plus, there is a new feature called “Work Folders” which lets you work on several devices without risking the loss of data.


Exceptional data storage

Data has become a very important aspect of any kind of business. With that, we can’t just get rid of any data just because of small storage spaces. So, Windows Server 2012 ensures that you don’t need to let go of any data by adjusting based on your business needs.


Worry-free usage

Businesses sometimes suffer from snags and problems. Microsoft knows this well. To help you out, Microsoft ensured that Windows Server 2012 will run free with minimal to no errors at all. Business owners already suffer enough headaches from other operational problems. Windows Server 2012 promises not to add to that.


Reliable data-keeping with Failover Clustering

Now, when the system does encounter some sort of error, Failover Clustering comes to the rescue. This feature ensures that all your data will not be lost after any problem was encountered by the server.


Advancement with virtualization

These days, virtualization is the key to advancement and for good reason. Virtualization can be as effective as additional hardware while being cheaper and even more efficient. Creat virtual workspaces for your employees through the Windows Server 2012.


Quick installation

Finally, the Windows Server 2012 installation process is fuss-free and easy. The guide and graphic interface are easy to follow so you can use the program as soon as you bought it!


How will I receive my software or product?


The product will be delivered to you the moment your payment has been processed. You will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your purchase. You will also receive the product key and a link to the registration for a Microsoft account. For your convenience, you will also find these details to pop up on your screen. This service is available to you 24 hours a day, every day.


Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Compatible only with Windows PCs.
  • Does not need an installation disc for the digital download.
  • Make sure to uninstall previous versions prior to installation
  • Please register for a Microsoft Account for limitless use.




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