Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac
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Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac
Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac


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Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

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Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

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  • Secure download link
  • One (1x) license product key
  • Upgraded Language Pack
  • For MAC devices only
  • Not compatible with Windows OS, Chromebook OS, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux
  • All our products have a lifetime run and require a valid Microsoft Account for support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products that you purchase come with a 90-day return and guarantee period. So, if you receive any product that is faulty or damaged, then we fully refund you once we process the damaged product.

Yes, we have done quality testing and verification for all the products on this site. So, you can be assured of the good quality products.

You get lifetime support for the products that you purchase from our site. So, you can send us an email to our customer support team and give us your queries. We will solve your problems and ensure that the issues are resolved.

You can purchase products for your requirement but, if you want to buy in bulk, then you can send us an email describing the product that you want to buy in bulk. Then depending on the stock availability, we will reply to you.

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Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac

The latest Word 2019 for MAC features incredible upgrades for enhanced user experience. It allows users to produce top-end writing, proofreading, document editing, and designing, as well as publishing. Its capabilities go far beyond word processing. Through Word 2019 for MAC, users can enjoy an integrated translator and co-author in real-time. It also runs on various devices specs, even on low-end PCs, and still works smoothly. This upgrade is a huge jump to the accessibility features of the software.

Product Inclusions

  • Secure download link
  • One (1x) license product key
  • Upgraded Language Pack
  • For MAC devices only
  • Not compatible with Windows OS, Chromebook OS, Apple iOS, Android, and Linux
  • All our products have a lifetime run and require a valid Microsoft Account for support

What features are included?

Upgraded Menu

You can work with ease with the new tabs and options as you use Word for Mac 2019. It features a ‘Recent files’ folder that makes it quicker to browse through files in your device. It also has a readily available ‘Share with Me’ folder, containing files shared with your Microsoft account. You can also enjoy new templates to start up a new document.

Touch Bar Support 

This feature is exclusive for the latest MacBook. It allows users to perform functions using only the touch bar support. Using this tool, you can shortcut your way into formatting your text by adding texts, images, and links.

Real-Time Co-Authoring

The upgraded collaboration tool allows people to work together in real-time. You can invite someone to work on a file jointly as a team. All modifications would show up in real-time and have a history feature if you want to retrieve a text. You can also review changes and opt to accept or reject it via the Simple Markup tool.

Additionally, it has an integrated chatting function that allows you to talk on Word itself without using third-party apps. Teams can also make comments in the file, which you can reply to.

Cloud Tool

With the latest Word for Mac, you can now save your documents directly in Cloud, SharePoint, or SkyDrive. You can then access it on any device as long as you have Internet access.

Book Reading Mode

Another upgrade of the software is the book-like reading mode, where you can view documents by flipping through pages. You can perform this with just a click or by through mouse scrolling.

Focus Mode 

This feature allows you to switch the interface and view only the document you’re working on on the screen. It changes the display into a dark background and removes every toolbar and taskbar that appears on the screen. It allows you to focus on your work without getting distracted by any pop-ups.

Accessibility Checker

This latest version of Word for MAC also allows users to identify accessibility problems such as the unreadability of the document. Users can implement suggested changes with one click. It makes your file comprehensible to other viewers.

Upgraded Digital Pen Support

The upgraded digital pen support enables users access to fully customizable digital inking. It includes digital pencils, pens, and highlighters. You can now also add hand-drawn visual elements and draw on images and even charts.

How will I receive my software or product?

Fastsoftware’s allocation system allows for immediate product delivery. We will send you a Microsoft product key and secure link in a few seconds upon order completion. You will also receive an email verifying that your purchase has been completed. At Fastsoftware, we work full hours, days a week, to deliver quick service to our customers.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • The product may not be compatible with other operating systems.
  • As the product has a digital download function, the package doesn’t include an installation disc.
  • Make sure to uninstall older versions of Microsoft Word before installing a new version.


  1. Place the order for your new Software.
  2. You will receive an email with the Official Microsoft download link and Product key in less than 30 minutes.
  3. Follow the instructions we sent to your email to Install the Software.

What if I misspelled my email address?

Don’t worry, we can correct it. Give us a chat or send us an email to [email protected]. We usually respond right away. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

For Office 2016 and 2019 versions, we would recommend for you to create a Microsoft account. Why do I need an account to sign in to Office?

An association occurs between Office and your account and is what verifies you're the licensed owner of Office. Signing in with your account allows you to:

☑ Install and activate Office  -  A Microsoft account or work or school account is required to install and activate Microsoft 365 and Office versions 2013 or later.

☑ Create and share files  -  Create, edit, and share the files you saved to an Office cloud-service such as OneDrive

☑ Use Office across multiple devices -   If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can also install and use Office on more than one device.

You can create Microsoft account using this link:



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