Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal – Open License
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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal – Open License
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal – Open License

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal - Open License


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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal – Open License

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal – Open License

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single Device Cal - Open License

This product is only a single Open License Device CAL – Open License for your Microsoft Windows Server 2016. By purchasing this, this will provide access to another device to your Microsoft Windows Server 2016 without breaking your bank and this will let you use more advanced features.



Remote access

The key feature of Windows Server 2016 is its remote access where any device that has Device CAL and internet connections can access the server anywhere. It provides the same quality of having the Server itself which is perfect for companies who have a team member away from them or employees working from home. All of your team members can still work as if you’re in the same room because you can still share, connect, and collaborate with them.


Additional server memory

Windows Server 2016’s advanced features require a lot of memory which can become a problem for users. However, Microsoft has solved this issue by increasing the amount of memory available in the server both for physical memory and virtual machine memory. The physical memory increased from 4 TB to 24 TB while the virtual machine memory increased from 1 TB to 12 B.


New advanced security features  

Data security is critical to companies and businesses because it can become a serious threat to them . Windows Server 2016 has added advanced server security features such as the following:

  1. Windows Defender – focuses on guarding malware encroachment by updating often. It ensures that the server is protected from any malware threats.
  2. Credential Guard  - focuses on guarding sensitive data by making sure that those who view have authorization to do so. It ensures that sensitive data will not be misused in any kind.
  3. Remote Credential Guard focuses on guarding devices connected to the server by keeping its data confidential. It ensures that the devices connected to the server are not sharing any of its data.
  4. Shielded Virtual Machines focuses on guarding virtual machines by providing safe attestation, key protection, and an advanced encryption protection. It ensures quick troubleshooting by running diagnostics through PowerShell to monitor if there are any kind of errors.



The container is one of the advanced features that you can only see on Microsoft Windows Server 2016. It provides an isolated place for programs to be run, tested, and developed without giving any hassle to your server. Moreover, since the containers are made to be powerful, you can correct programs and run hostile applications without any risk.



It guarantees 93% lower virtual hard disk size and 80% fewer required reboots while ensuring less work for your server.

New advanced storage features

The server storage has included the following:

  • Storage Replica – it uses synchronous and asynchronous replication to ensure zero data loss during disaster recovery.
  •  Storage Quality of Service – it ensures that the performance qualities of all he virtual machines are going great.


System Requirements

  • Updated devices where you will install it
  • Compatible operating system


How will I receive my software or product?

A product key will be sent immediately to your email address once the order has been processed. The software’s product key and secure link to the Microsoft website will also be visible to your screen. To verify and complete the purchase, an order confirmation email will also be sent. Customers are assured of a quick service any time of the day, seven days a week.


Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Not compatible with other operating systems.
  • No installation disc included since this is a digital download.
  • Uninstall older Microsoft Office versions before installing a new software version.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account for product activation. If you still don’t have a Microsoft Account, please sign up by clicking here.


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