Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac
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Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac

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Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac

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Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac

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Experience unmatched efficiency with Microsoft Excel 2021 – the ultimate tool for processing, organizing, and analyzing data. This upgraded industry-standard spreadsheet software boasts a visually appealing interface, offering a multitude of features without overwhelming users.


Key Features:

Versatility: Excel 2021 is your go-to app for both work and home use, providing unparalleled versatility in data management.

Comprehensive Upgrade: Microsoft's latest release includes all existing features alongside new functions and improvements, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Collaborative Functionality: Easily share data with co-workers using the built-in collaborative features, simplifying teamwork and enhancing productivity.


Make your data-driven visions a reality effortlessly with Microsoft Excel 2021. Upgrade now for a transformative experience in processing and analyzing data like never before.



Introducing Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac, the latest powerhouse in the Office product family. This enhanced version combines existing features with a visually appealing design, offering new capabilities for an unmatched user experience.


Key Advancements:

Improved Performance:

Excel 2021 for Mac ensures optimal efficiency and stability, delivering faster operations across all macOS systems, enhancing your daily workflow.


Visual Refresh:

Experience a revamped Start interface with a modernized ribbon, updated tabs, and Monoline iconography for convenient access to tools, setting the stage for a more efficient project kick-off.


Dynamic Arrays:

Elevate your data manipulation with six additional functions - FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY, enhancing the versatility of dynamic arrays.


XLOOKUP Function:

Excel 2021 for Mac introduces a game-changing XLOOKUP function, simplifying data search within tables or ranges without tedious scrolling or less efficient methods.


XMATCH Function:

Search and return specific items within an array or range, offering flexibility in finding cells at different intervals, optimizing data retrieval.


LET Function:

A powerful addition, LET function streamlines spreadsheet use by storing intermediate calculations, values, or defining names inside formulas, presenting outputs collectively.


Watch Your Formulas:

Monitor cells across multiple sheets and workbooks effortlessly with the Watch Window functionality, providing a convenient way to inspect, audit, or confirm formula calculations.


"Tell Me" Bar:

Simplify in-app searches with the "Tell Me" bar, allowing quick access to Excel 2021's features by entering keywords related to your next action.


Save as SVG:

Preserve picture and graphic quality seamlessly with Excel 2021 for Mac, supporting SVG file saving without compromising quality during resizing.


Sketched Style Outline:

Infuse creativity into your Excel spreadsheets with the Sketched style outline, offering a casual, hand-drawn look to shapes with options like Curved, Freehand, or Scribble.


Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac today and redefine your data processing experience with cutting-edge features and a user-friendly interface. Elevate your spreadsheet game effortlessly.



Ensure a seamless experience with Microsoft Excel 2021 for Mac by surpassing these minimum system requirements:

Key Specifications:

    • Processor: Supports both Intel and M1 chip computers.
    • Memory/RAM: 4 GB or higher.
    • Hard Disk: Minimum 10 GB available space; HFS+ hard disk format.
    • Operating System: macOS 11 or newer; one of the past two macOS releases is required.



  • Additional Requirements:
    • Internet connection for online functionality.
    • A Microsoft account may be necessary.
    • Touch-enabled device for multi touch features.
    • The performance and visual elements of the provided applications may differ depending on your system.

Please note, while Microsoft hasn't released specific details for Office 2021, expectations align with the 2019 requirements.

Elevate your Excel experience by exceeding these standards.




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