Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License
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Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License
Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License

Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License


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Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License

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Microsoft Excel 2019 Open License

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  • Automated download link to Microsoft Excel 2019
  • One (1) license product key for a single (1) gadget
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac PCs
  • 24/7 utilization of customer service
  • Product utilization for a lifetime

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Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student for Mac

Several individuals and businesses have banked on electronically programmed spreadsheets as a more efficient way to handle data. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and commonly utilized softwares. This program allows users to organize their data through cells categorized under rows and columns. In addition, manually-accomplished spreadsheets have innovated to automation. Strategizing, bookkeeping, and information caching adapted to a larger space, enabling quicker accomplishment. A notable change is that several functions such as computations can be carried out without requiring one to solve manually. 

Microsoft provides their clients with diverse licensing choices. One state-of-the-art feature is its Open Licensing Program that authorizes several industries and organizations to obtain various licenses for Microsoft products. Excel’s latest version is Microsoft Excel 2019. Using only one spreadsheet, a user may store 16,000 columns and millions of data. Currently, it is the most substantial spreadsheet program. 

Product Inclusions:

  • Automated download link to Microsoft Excel 2019
  • One (1) license product key for a single (1) gadget
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac PCs
  • 24/7 utilization of customer service 
  • Product utilization for a lifetime 


What features are included?

New and innovative functions

Microsoft Excel 2019 created brand new, innovative functions aiming to increase work efficiency. These six functions bank on heightening productivity and accuracy when working with data. 


These are the new functions: 

  • CONCAT – an enhanced version of CONCATENATE, aids in cell and range citations.
  • IFS – recently introduced to Excel 2019 which surveys if conditions are fulfilled. It also allows for easier reading of several conditions. 
  • MAXIFS – generates the maximum value among particular cells. 
  • MINIFS – contributes the minimum value amid specific cells. 
  • SWITCH – a unique function that utilizes a single value and places it against other values in a catalog  to induce a match.
  • TEXTJOIN – this function allows users to join text from several cells and divide them through set boundaries. 


Enhanced file tab interface

When starting a new workbook, users have the option of choosing from a wide selection of templates in Excel without terminating the capacity to start afresh.  

Developments to digital ink

Illustrating and writing comments directly on the spreadsheet has become a possibility through this feature. Applying visual effects is done by digital ink, thus enhancing your spreadsheet. A new group of customizable writing materials is included in the 2019 version. The new Ink Equation addition has also been specially created for writing math equations in the user’s workbook. 

Better visual aesthetic with SmartArt gallery

Microsoft Excel 2019 presents SmartArt which grants its users power to customize visual elements and templates to innovate their spreadsheet. This gallery is inclusive of shapes, charts, matrices, and the like. 

Improved sharing and accessibility

Accessibility Checker is a new tool that supplies suggestions and implements it on your document with one mere click. Consequently, the Shared with Me addition lets users access OneDrive files that have been shared to them. Through this, users will find it easier to open shared workbooks and monitor the alterations made by other users.

How will I receive my software or product?

No shipping is done in the transaction as Microsoft Excel 2019 is received through a digital download. Upon the placement of an order and the reception of payment, a download link and the product key would be sent to you. The transaction only takes up to 15-20 minutes. If there is no order confirmation, keep the details of your purchase and contact our customer service. Our team would be willing to accommodate you. 

Important Reminders For Buyers:

Please ensure that your device has a fixed internet connection and meets the following system requirements: 

  1. For Windows users, Windows 10. For Mac users, any of the three most recent versions of macOS. 
  2. You have the option of these browsers to retrieve the open license: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. 
  3. You have at least a 1.6GHZ process for Windows, and at the very least an Intel processor for macOS. 
  4. You must have at least 2GB of RAM for Windows and/or at least 4GB RAM for macOS.
  5. In order to attain the best experience, use a display with 1280 x 768 resolution for Windows, 1280 x 800 for macOS. 



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  3. Follow the instructions we sent to your email to Install the Software.

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Don’t worry, we can correct it. Give us a chat or send us an email to [email protected]. We usually respond right away. Your satisfaction is our top priority.



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