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Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac

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Microsoft Excel 2013

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  • It comes with a secure download link
  • With one (1) license product key
  • It is compatible only with Macbook OS
  • It will be available for lifetime usage with the requirement a Microsoft account for support


Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac

Usually, the Microsoft Office Suite software makes you consider leaving iOS  for another operating system, but fortunately for only $79.99, Microsoft Excel 2016 and other Office programs become available on Macbook. 

Innovated and styled with the goal of making data storage, organization, and manipulation, Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac aims to take your typical electronic spreadsheet software to the next level. It allows you to enjoy its helpful feature of letting you store, sync, and edit files without using any Internet connection through its option of being saved within the Microsoft Cloud. It also allows for smooth transition across many platforms by recognizing various keyboard shortcuts. Finally, its sleek, modernized design helps you pick the right charts based on your data and makes sharing and collaborating easier through the new document chat window. 

What are included in the product? 

  • It comes with a secure download link
  • With one (1) license product key
  • It is compatible only with Macbook OS 
  • It will be available for lifetime usage with the requirement a Microsoft account for support


What features will this offer? 

Sparklines Summary 

Craft an easy-to-follow and eye-catching data analysis summary through this feature. It utilizes the visual inclusion of a small chart within a worksheet cell to provide a clearer understanding of trends in a series of values and/or emphasizing maximum and minimum values. This shows all the things you need to know and remember about your data.

Slicer to Filter 

Through this new feature, Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac offers the option to filter data within the PivotChart or PivotTable by using Slicer. It provides a more user-friendly and interactive interface to make your PivotTable or PivotChart more easy to surf through despite the mind-numbingly large amount of data at hand. In addition, it also helps your collaborators to avoid asking you endless questions because they would be able to detect the data they are looking for easily.  This lessens the stress that comes along with tireless amounts of time spent staring at data. 

PivotTable Views 

You no longer have to spend a copious amount of time finding the right data because this enhancement allows for a quick search through your data until it leads you to the correct one. This powerful tool helps you summarize data more efficiently but automatically sorting, counting, and summing up data contained in tables. Through this, you will be able to utilize more time on double checking your work and ensure a smooth collaboration with your colleagues. 

More Visuals, More Appeal

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac has ensured that its interface becomes more appealing to the user by adding a variety of recommended charts that will summarize and best represent your data. It also provides for a simpler Formula Builder through the option of searching and inserting a function and assisting you with any function. Finally, it was crafted to fulfill seamless work among different platforms through added functions innovated from older Excel versions. Due to this, poring long hours over Microsoft Excel becomes less of a chore because of more additions that will help you work more efficiently.

How will I receive my software or product?

The delivery of Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac is instantaneous, big thanks to our automatic allocation system. The license product key is delivered instantly to you after your order has been processed. The software’s product key and secure link to the Microsoft website will be presented to you on the screen of your device. To ensure the safety of the transaction, an order confirmation email will also be sent to verify and complete your purchase. We also strongly assure customers of an instant and highly satisfying service at any time of the day for seven days a week, in case of any concerns and clarifications. 

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • It is incompatible with other operating systems apart from Macbook OS. 
  • The download is done digitally, so there will be no hardware received (such as an installation CD). 
  • Before installing this new program, you must uninstall any old Microsoft Excel versions. 

Create a Microsoft account is required in order to fulfill product activation. Kindly sign up for an account by clicking here.


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