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how to uninstall chromium

As everybody knows that Chrome web browser is widely used worldwide, it wouldn’t get its name without Chromium. Both web browsers have similar names and are related to each other but these labels characterize differences between the two.

Chromium is an open-source software project. Open-source means that the source code is viewable and can be changed by the public, hence, it is open. If a source code is close then it is not viewable and unchangeable.

Let’s dig deeper to get a better understanding of them both.

What Is A Chromium Browser?

Chromium logo

In 2008, Google introduced Chrome to the public, and Chromium source code was also released wherein Chrome was based as an open-source project. Chrome and Edge begin with Chromium but Google and Microsoft add their own proprietary code that strengthens their services such as the browser’s automated update method and features in user experience (UX) to make the real Chrome and Edge.

Chromium is not only a web browser but also an open-source project where Google and other web browsers are able to build and use Chromium source code. Anyone gets the freedom to download, compile and even amateur programmers and engineers contribute with Chromium’s open-source code.

Chromium Vs. Chrome

chrome logo and chromium logo

Chrome and Chromium are obviously similar names and are related to each other but these labels characterize different browsers. Chrome is a proprietary web browser-based more essentially on Chromium. Developed and maintained by Google taking stable codes from the Chromium project.

On the other hand, Chromium as a web browser as well is less stable than Chrome in that it’s most likely to crash easily and display other forms of unpleasant functions. It is, however, compatible with Chrome browser extensions and provides the same user experience independently from Google.

Since Chromium is a subgroup of Chrome and Edge, Google and Microsoft cooked up their own structures and features from Chromium in a way that everything Chromium has is in Chrome and Edge but not all that Chrome and Edge have in Chromium.

Summing up, Chromium is unstable and rough even with its latest version which cannot send reports crashes more than Chrome and Edge.

Other Browsers That Rely On Chromium

Although Chrome relies on Chromium, there are other web browsers also that are using the open-source project’s source code and adding their own proprietary features and edges in creating their own version of the user experience.

browsers relying to chromium browser

These browsers are:

  • Opera. A commercial multi-platform Chromium-based web browser released in 1996. It was formerly a Norwegian browser but later acquired by a Chinese consortium.
  • Vivaldi. This is also a Chromium-based browser created by the former CEO of Opera and added to it some of the removed features from Opera.
  • Brave. This browser was founded and developed by former executives of Mozilla but is based on Chromium. What’s best in this browser is that it removes in-pages of invasive ads and prevents other sites from tracking user activities.

Among other browsers that leverage Chromium are Epic, Yandex, and made-in-China browsers (QQ and Qihoo360).

Security Issues With Chromium

Google and Microsoft engineers as well as those independent security researchers found vulnerabilities are patched up regularly in Chromium. Therefore, chromium has the same security strengths as Chrome or Edge.

Since Chromium lacks automatic feature updates, it is uncertain if it has added security fixes as Chromium relies on users to download regular updates. Hence, cybercriminals get the chance to embed viruses or malware and data theft if Chromium is not downloaded on trusted sites.

If you have accidentally installed a fake version of Chromium, most likely malware and malicious code will be included as well.  A relatively harmless installation may be experienced at first although you may think that you have downloaded the right Chromium as it appears to be a real one. But it actually injects unpleasant pop-up ads which are very unusual.

Uninstalling Chromium

If you want to uninstall Chromium from a legitimate source, it can be removed just like any other software programs you have uninstalled from your Personal Computer or laptop before.

So, here’s how to uninstall Chromium:

  • On your PC or laptop keyboard, press the “Windows” key + “S”.
  • Then type “Uninstall”.
  • Click on the “Add or remove a program”.
  • Locate Chromium from the dropdown lists of programs and select “Uninstall”.
  • Chromium will be completely uninstalled after you restart your computer.

Uninstalling Chromium on Mac

  • Click on the “Finder” on your dock.
  • Locate Chromium
  • Then select “Move to Trash”.

Helpful Tip: Since Chromium is unstable, do not use it for your important tasks or all of your work may be lost anytime due to an unforeseen crash.

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