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How To Remove Page Break In Word?

Removing Page break in MS Word

A page break in Word is one of the many unique tools and functionalities of Microsoft Word. It is used to end a document page even without filling it all with texts.

Page break is like an invisible marker, and it is usually used for documents within Styles. But using too many page breaks, Microsoft Word inserts page breaks automatically that may result in too many blank spaces.

Continue reading to learn some helpful methods on how to add and remove page breaks.

What Is A Page Break?

A page break is one of the many codes inserted by a Word processor that commands a printer to stop the current page and starts with another one. In Microsoft Word, the shortcut key to insert a page break is “Control”+” Enter.”

So, if you’re printing many blank pages, you must have unnoticeably put too many page breaks since you cannot virtually see page breaks on your documents unless you enable the formatting marks.

formatting mark

Microsoft Word, Open Office, and Google Docs are word processing programs that recognize “Control”+” Enter” as page break’s shortcut key combination.

Page break shortcut on Ribbon

Formatting marks are hidden by default and can be enabled and disabled when you click the paragraph symbol found in the toolbar.

This is page break in a document

To add a page break:

  • From the default tab (“Home” tab), click the “Insert” tab.

From Insert menu locate page break

  • Then click the “Page Break” button

Page break in the Insert menu

Page break allows you to split your document texts from one page to another. You won’t see any page break marks unless you click the formatting mark as discussed above. Simply click the formatting mark button to view all the hidden formatting symbols on your document.

When you want to print your document with page breaks inserted, the printer reads your document to start printing and skip on the part with inserted page breaks, then continue to the next page. So, a page break executes the layout of your document the way you want your content to be placed on the page or pages.

The Importance of Page Break

Page break is not frequently used, especially if you’re not familiar with how to use it on your document. We usually use the “Enter” key to move other texts to the next page, or sometimes, we hit the “Backspace” to move them up and calibrate your content.

By doing that kind of routine on your documents, time is wasted more often than never, and your documents are messy. Use Page break instead of finetuning your layout.

Types Of Page Breaks

There are actually many kinds of document breaks in Word but let’s just focus on the two types of page breaks:

  • Manual page break. This gives you the freedom to add a page break or page breaks anywhere on your document and move to the next page.
  • Automatic page break. Word itself will automatically add page breaks when you advance from one page to the next page.

Removing a Page Break or Page Breaks

Inserting manual page breaks anywhere on your Word document seems fun, but how will you delete them if you have a change of heart as to what layout you would rather have for your content.

There are 2 helpful tips to delete page breaks:

Method 1: Removing “Page Breaks” using Delete

  • On your Word document, select “Home,” then click the “Show/Hide” button to view the formatting marks you have placed on your document.

Page Break in the document

  • Double-click on the page break shown on your document, then hit “Delete.”

Deleting the page break

  • Another way is instead of double-clicking, place your cursor before the page break marker then hit “Delete.”

Method 2: Removing “Page Breaks” using Find and Replace

  • Place the cursor on the page break marker and press “ctrl” + “G” or “ctrl” + “H” to show the Find and Replace box.
  • Click on the “Replace” button, then click again on the “Special” button and choose “Manual Page Break.”

  • Lastly, click the “Replace All” button to delete all page breaks on your document.

It is understandable that using page breaks, especially when you are not yet familiar with how they work on your documents, is quite annoying. But making it a habit and with some little practice, you will learn how page break helps you create reports, documents, and presentations professionally.

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