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How to Install Microsoft Office on Your Laptop

Install Microsoft Office on you laptop

Are you struggling with how to install MS Office on your laptop?

Whether your laptop is running on Mac or Windows OS, here is a step-by-step guide on installing Microsoft Office.

Cloud-based Microsoft Office applications are available to use on any gadget as long as you are on the web. Installing the program on your laptop is no different from installing it on a desktop.

Steps On How To Install Microsoft Office On Your Laptop

To get a Microsoft Office app working on your laptop, there are 3 things you have to prep up:

  1. Buy Microsoft Office
  2. Download the software
  3. Install the software on your device

This guide is highly focused on installing the software on your device, but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through each one.

Buying Microsoft Office Installer For Your Laptop

First is you need to decide where to get your Microsoft Office software.

Well, there are a couple of options.

First, you can buy it from Microsoft Office directly, from big-box stores, or online retailers like FastSoftwares.

Downloading the Microsoft Office you bought 

Once you’re done purchasing Microsoft Office, you may now download the software.

The download also comes with your product key. If you’re clueless on how to get it.

How can I find my product key?

If you bought a physical copy of Microsoft Office, you should see it on the label or card that the Windows came in with.

If you’ve bought it from Microsoft directly, you’ll need to sign in first and check your product key in your Microsoft account. You’ll need to enter your product key so you can download the software.

installing microsoft office on windows and mac

If you have bought it from trusted online retailers like FastSoftwares, you’ll receive an email with the Official Microsoft download link and product key in as little as 15 minutes.

Installing Microsoft Office On Your PC Or Mac

After you’ve purchased your software, downloaded, and activated the product, you may now install it on your PC or Mac.

You need to run the downloaded file so that Installation begins. Note that Installation can take up some time.

How to Install Office for Windows

Step 1. Open the folder where your Office setup file is. By default, it’s found in your Download folder.

Step 2. Double click on it to run the application.

Step 3. Follow the prompts and wait for Microsoft Office to finish installing. It may take a few minutes.

How to Install Office for Mac

Step 1. Open the friendly blue face, “Finder” to find the Office installation file.

Step 2. Double click on it to run the application.

Step 3. Follow the prompts and wait for Microsoft Office to finish installing. You have to click on Agree to accept the terms of the software license agreement. You will need to enter your password to start the Installation.

Once finished, you’ll see a prompt telling you that everything is all set!

Enjoy using your new Office.

Note that you might be prompted to install updates to your Office. When they do, allow those updates to happen, so you access recent bug updates and new features.

Where To Buy A Legit Microsoft Office Product Key?

Having doubts before you make purchases around the web is totally understandable. It may be hard to give up your money to a software company you don’t physically see.

However, you can trust Fastsoftwares, which is Microsoft Certified Partner.

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We’re a software company with a reputable name that gives you working product keys. All we offer reliable support 24/7.

The team is available for help and guidance—from choosing your software, downloading it, installing it, up until you can access the Office easily on your laptop.

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