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How to Easily Set Up Your Microsoft Office Software For Business

microsoft office for business

Microsoft Office has undoubtedly been a “dominant productivity suite” for billions of users worldwide, with a vast percentage of these users being business owners.

But before buying Microsoft Office for your business, there is the information you need to have on hand, requirements you should meet, and preparations you have to make.

Now, if you’ve decided to get hold of your own Office product license key, we’ve created a guide of all the things that you should check beforehand.

This way, you can seamlessly move your team to Microsoft and maximize your investment simultaneously.

It would just take a portion of your time to go over this list.

Before Software Setup Of  Microsoft Office Home And Business

Rolling out new software for your whole organization to use might seem a simple task, but there are vital things that you should consider.

Plan the following to transition your team to using Microsoft Office.

List Of Employee Names

Prepare a name-list of people you’d like to add to your Microsoft Cloud. Setting up or updating your business software requires you to input names, work email addresses, and other essential data of your team members so that they may be able to use apps and services. 

It is up to you to give them full permission on an account’s features or opt to limit their accessibility for a more organized system. 

Adding your team into the Microsoft Software for Business means easy collaboration. 

Notification Of Employees

Inform your team regarding their need to set up their new user ID and password under Microsoft Office for Business. 

Do take note that they cannot access their new emails yet. Thus, you may notify them through their emails in the meantime.

Your Business Domain

Adding a business domain personalizes your business and branding since it appears in your business emails and a sign-in address. It signifies your online representation. 

Whether you’d like to use your business domain or a Microsoft email, you’ll need to go back to your domain registrar to keep it up-to-date.

Don’t own one? No worries. There are available domain registrars online, such as WordPress, GoDaddy, or Wix. You may also opt to sign-up for a domain through your Microsoft account.

Understanding What Includes In Each Microsoft Office Business Software

Microsoft offers several Office Business licenses that precisely fit your business needs.

While picking out the most beneficial one might be tricky, here’s a breakdown of things you’d have to consider before clicking the purchase button:

  • Programs included

Some license keys include completely installed programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, and Access), while others may lack a plan or two. 

You have a choice depending on your usage if you’d want a complete package or just a couple of programs you always entrust your business to.

  • Device compatibility

Check if your chosen software is compatible with your device. See the labels if they work with Mac-only or solely for Windows PC.

Regarding device usage, the software can take up to 10 PCs max, while others may work only for one.

  • OS specs requirements

Be aware of the specifications of your device. Product license key requirements vary. Take note of your device’s processor, RAM, available disk space, OS, and screen resolution. It is best to consult an expert such as a customer service assistant before purchasing a product key license.

Setting Up The Entire System With The Microsoft Office Business Software.

To set up the entire system, a setup wizard walks you through a step-by-step process of installing your programs.

But for org-wide installation, you’ll have to ask your tech team to plan a deployment plan for this.

Do you need help? 

If you’ve bought your software directly from Microsoft, then you can get help from their team. 

You can also call the Microsoft Office Software for Business support, and they’ll help you go through the process.

Now, if you have a big company with 50 or more employees, the FastTrack Onboarding Center is available to lend a hand.

If you’ve bought your software from online retailers, check on their customer service too. 

Fastsoftwares, for example, offers 24/7 support so you can have peace of mind, knowing that there’ll be an expert who will guide you through.

Note This In Using Microsoft Office Sofware For Your Business.

Now that you know what you need to prepare for Microsoft Office before the actual deployment, it’s also worth considering the support you’ll give to your employees during and right after transition.

Give them training or quick video guides to make adoption easy. This is important whether you have an in-house or a remote team.

This way, you eliminate busy work and free up their time for more important business matters that would move the needle.

Whenever you’re ready, you may start picking the software that you need. 

Invest in a bundle today, ramp up productivity and boost up your teamwork to get more sales.

Recommended Microsoft Office For Business Software 

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