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What is Caret Browsing in Windows 10? Windows 10 Secret

caret browsing

This function may also benefit people who require more support when using computers. The more simplified navigation on websites and applications makes it simple to get about. Some users also laud the capability for making workflows more efficient.

Before troubleshooting, read our How to Get Started with Windows 10 article if you’re unfamiliar with the Windows 10 interface. In this post, you can track how to enable Caret Browsing in Windows 10 web browsers and use it to its maximum potential.

On Windows 10, you may start caret browsing by opening any web browser and pressing the F7 key. The instructions outlined here will show you how to enable caret browsing in some of the most widely used web browsers. 

All about Caret Browsing and How Does It Run?

“Caret Navigating” (also known as “Caret Navigation”) refers to a new technique of browsing and viewing web pages on your browser. It requires using your keyboard’s direction or arrow keys to choose texts and navigate internet pages (also known as Cursor keys).

This solution will come in handy if you have a broken mouse, trackpad, or stylus. You might also use this function to have fun with it.

In Google Chrome, enable caret browsing.

  1. Click the three upright dots in the top-right corner of your browser to see the More button—select Settings from this menu.

Chrome settings

2. Click the Advanced button after scrolling to the bottom of the page. More options reveal as a result of this.

3. Scroll down until you reach the section about accessibility. Ensure that the option to navigate pages with a text cursor is turning on.

In Firefox, enable caret browsing.

The F7 key is the only way to toggle caret browsing on and off in Mozilla Firefox. To activate this function, tap it on your keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard provided by Microsoft.

In Microsoft Edge, enable caret browsing.

The F7 key is the only way to toggle caret browsing on and off in Microsoft Edge. To activate this function, tap it on your keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard provided by Microsoft.

If you don’t want to warn the next time you turn on caret browsing, check the box next to Don’t ask me again when asked.

How do I activate Caret Browsing in the Mail app in Windows 10?

One application natively uses caret technology in Windows 10 is the Mail application. The methods to locate and activate this functionality outlining below.

1. The search bar can be accessed by clicking the magnifying glass symbol in your taskbar. You may also bring it up by pressing Windows + S on your keyboard.

2. Enter Mail in the search box and select the program from the results list.

3. Click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the app; it should resemble the local Settings icon in Windows 10’s Start menu.

4. A pane should appear on the right-hand side of the application. Select the Reading pane option from the drop-down menu.

5. Caret browsing can be found by scrolling down. Make sure the function is enabled, then click anywhere outside the Settings pane.

How to pick text while using Caret Browsing

While caret browsing is active, you can choose any text on the page. You have to browse where you want your selection to start with the arrow keys and then hold the Shift key. Then, holding down the Shift key, browse to the end of your preference using the arrow keys.

Using Caret Browsing Mode to Contro; Web Pages

After allowing Caret Browsing, you should see a flickering cursor anywhere on the current web page. The left and right control keys, on the other hand, move the cursor one step to the left and right, respectively.

Using Caret Browsing Mode to Open Links

When you move the cursor to the anchor text, Chrome will highlight it with a border depending on the page you’re visiting. To access the link in the same tab, press Enter (or Return on a Mac) on the highlighted text.

While using Caret Browsing, hold Control + Enter (on Windows) or Command + Return (on Mac) to open a URL in a new background tab (for macOS). If you hit Control + Shift + Enter (on Windows) or Command + Shift + Return (on Mac), the link will open in a new foreground/active tab (on macOS).

Move the cursor to the link’s anchor text and hit Shift + Enter (or Shift + Return for Mac) to open it in a new window.

How Do I Turn Off Caret Browsing?

Want to use your mouse, stylus, or touchscreen to navigate web pages again? Caret Browsing will be disabled for all web browsers specified in this post by pressing F7 on your keyboard.

Toggle off Navigate pages using a text cursor in Chrome’s Accessibility menu (Settings > Accessibility).

Deselect Caret surfing in Internet Explorer by clicking Tools (the gear symbol) on the tab bar.

If you’re experiencing trouble utilizing Caret Browsing, check if your browser supports it. Also, make sure you’re using the most recent version of your browser and try again. 

When the F7 Key Doesn’t Work, How Do You Enable Caret Browsing?

It is a very uncommon problem. The F7 key is stuck or broken on some keyboards. Instead, you can use the on-screen keyboard to toggle the caret browsing option on and off. Instead of using the key, you may also use a Chrome plugin called “Caret Browsing” to perform the same thing. This extension is also compatible with the Edge browser but not with Firefox.

Careful browsing is a clever alternate text selection strategy that is entertaining and dependable for keyboard-centric users. Do you know that you can type with your voice in Microsoft Edge? It works nicely, and you don’t have to type much on the keyboard other than correct a few spelling mistakes.

Final Thoughts!

If you require additional assistance, Fastsoftwares has hundreds of guides available. Please return to our site for other helpful information, or contact one of our specialists for instant aid.

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