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Microsoft ExcelOver the years, Microsoft Excel is widely used especially in businesses. We must know at least the basic function of Microsoft Excel.

In this fast-paced world, we should work proficiently and effectively while utilizing technology. Microsoft Excel as we all know can make our life easier and solve mathematical and numerical problems automatically.

Tips To Become An Expert In Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will be sharing with you the 7 Tips to Become an Expert in Microsoft Excel, if you don’t have any idea what Microsoft Excel is check this out.

1. Learn Microsoft Excel’s Basic Parts

Knowing the basic parts and terms of Microsoft Excel will help you understand its functions and uses. It will be very easy for you to navigate as you get yourself familiarize with the interface. Every Tab has its Ribbon and has different options available. When you open an Excel Sheet it will give you an option if you want to create a Blank Workbook or use the template Microsoft Excel made ready for you that allows editing data easier.

You may also search for online templates and explore what’s available and best suited according to your needs. Knowing the keyboard shortcut keys as well definitely helps you in navigating the spreadsheet faster.

2. Know Microsoft Excel Formulas

Knowing and Understanding the Microsoft Excel formula allows you to automate complex computations. If you have too much data and would like to show the summary or the total amount, the basic function like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be used. Along with it are the other formulas that can be useful depending on what data would you like to see. You may check Microsoft’s official page to see the Overview of formulas in Excel

After having entered all the formulas on your worksheet and maybe you’d like to see the formula of each cell at once, just click on the cell you are working on and press on your keyboard Ctrl + ~ you can toggle it back and forth and it will go back. You may also double click on the cell to know the formula.

3. Use Of Quick Analysis Tool

If you want to have a quick analysis of your data, just highlight your table and notice that a pop-up icon will appear at the bottom, click on that and you’ll see a different option you can do on your data, as you can see on the image below you can do Formatting, Charts, Totals, Tables and Sparklines. When you click on that it will automatically add to your worksheet. This is a great thing to speed up your work and have a quick analysis of your data.

Microsoft Excel

4. Filter Feature

If you have too much information on your worksheet and like to find something and take out some other parts using the filter feature is one great way. To do that click the cell on your table that you want to filter, click on Data, and click on Filter. Notice across the top little arrow dropdowns when you click it shows you the options listed in your table. You may choose the options inside the filter feature on how you’ll sort out your data.  This can definitely help you save a lot of time.

5. Learn Slicer Feature

There is also a better way to filter your data, it is called a slicer. If you have too much information in your worksheet and Filter Feature is kind a hard for the situation. It’s better to use the Slicer. To use the Slicer just highlight your table that you want to get the information, click on Insert and click Table and a pop-up window will appear just check on ‘my table has headers’ and click OK. After that, click inside the table anywhere and click on Insert again and this time click Slicer, it will bring up all the filtered columns that you selected earlier. Make sure to click all the options and click OK, and now you have multiple slicers representing the data from your Table and you can now click and select from the list and it automatically filters. You may mix and match depending on your needed data to show.

6. Embedding

Did you know that you can take the spreadsheet table insert it into a Microsoft Word document and have it update automatically? Sometimes we tend to just screenshot the table of our spreadsheet and paste or insert it into a Microsoft Word document but what if you did changes? Isn’t hassle if you always screenshot the spreadsheet and insert it all over again?

Good thing there is this function called Embedding. You should first close your updated and saved Microsoft Excel Sheet before inserting it into the Microsoft Word document. Then open your Microsoft Word document, click on Insert and select the icon ‘Object’ like on the image below.

Microsoft Excel Embedding

Click on the drop-down box and select Insert Object, click on Create from file and browse the file you want to insert. Make sure you check the Link to the file and click OK. It will now insert your spreadsheet. If you make changes on your spreadsheet save it first and close it again and just right-click on the image you inserted on the Microsoft Word document and click on Update Link. It will now automatically updates your file.

7. Make Use of Flash Fill

This is an automatic entry in Microsoft Excel to make your work faster. For example, on your spreadsheet, you have separate columns for Lastname and Firstname and you want to combine the full name in a column without the use of copy and paste each data. All you need to do is type the Fullname in a cell and it will automatically detect the pattern that you’re using and fill it in for the remaining rows in that column, just click on Enter and it Flash Fill the data.

To enable Flash Fill, go to File, Options, and click on Advanced and under Editing Option make sure to check the mark for Automatically Flash Fill. If it doesn’t appear to be working automatically hit Ctrl + E to trigger it. Microsoft Excel determines those patterns to make your work efficient.

Apply This Tips On Excel Now!

Before you can apply these tips on  MS Excel, you should first purchase a licensed and genuine Microsoft Excel. The benefit of using a legit excel is that, you can enjoy the full features of the software without any dialog box popping up on the screen asking for the licensed product key.

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