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What Is The Most Popular Microsoft Product?

Microsoft Office We all know that Microsoft releases a lot of products, and it’s quite confusing sometimes how to do this application, its functions, and what’s the difference between the first released product. Developers always tend to hook the buyer on the same application but of course, a little bit upgraded version.

But there is this product that when we heard about it, we knew that it’s a product from Microsoft and that’s Office Suite. Microsoft Office Suite core apps are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint these are the most popular Microsoft products that are widely used even to this generation.

It’s undeniable how Microsoft evolves and develops its applications and how it helps us on a day-to-day basis, it’s our go-to productivity suite.

As the years went by those applications are also being integrated into some of their products and services as well. There’s this Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Skype for business, and Microsoft One Drive.

As a beginner, you’ll probably don’t know how to use these applications. But don’t worry we will explain how these products and programs work. So let’s start

Microsoft Word

What Is Microsoft Word?

It is a word processing program that allows you to create different types of documents. Such as resumes, business letters, contracts or just to save your notes and many more. It allows you to save your documents and edit them. Unlike plain text editor, Microsoft Word has features that can check the spelling, count the words, grammar check, font (size, type, and color) formatting. It also has page features such as justification, paragraphs, and indentation. It also supports images and HTML.

Microsoft Word Basic Parts
microsoft word 2019

Microsoft Word can run in the following Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux (using Wine), Apple macOS, and Apple iOs.

New computers do not include Microsoft Word. You may use the Free Trial Version but of course, it’s for a limited time. But if Microsoft Word is part of what you do on a day-to-day basis might as well purchased and install it on your computer.

If you are having a hard time where to buy a licensed Microsoft Word just head on to FastSoftwares they offer licensed Microsoft products and 24/7 customer support.

If you already purchased the entire Microsoft Office Package and installed it on your computer you may easily find it in your Start Menu.

Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel?

It’s a spreadsheet program that can be used to organize data wherein you can create formulas, discover insights, and calculate data.

This is a tool that will help you from calculating manually and do tedious works to automatic and exact calculations and productivity tricks. If there’s an error in what you’ve entered then there might be a missing in your formula or you entered a wrong formula.

Microsoft Excel is widely used nowadays especially if you are on the business side. As it keeps you on track. Excel has too many formulas and features that you can use, the ability to perform from simple formulas to complex ones. To better understand Excel you should know the basics and get familiarize with its functions and terminologies and practice yourself by;

  1. Creating a worksheet
  2. Start using the basic Math function (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division)
  3. Adding or Deleting cells column and rows
  4. Fill in formulas without typing them manually (copy and paste of formulas) or fill data from one cell to adjacent cells

Keep in mind to start the formula in excel enter first the equals (=)  sign, this will tell excel to get ready for calculation. Also if it displays #### on the cell and you can’t see the data you’ve entered, don’t panic! Just adjust the column and make it wider and display the contents of the cell.

What is the difference between Excel Workbook and Excel Worksheet (Spreadsheet)?

A workbook is an Excel file that composes a collection of worksheets or spreadsheets. When you save your file that is an entire workbook regardless of how many worksheets it has and has a file extension of .xlsx or .xls if you are using the older version.

Excel Worksheet or Spreadsheet on the other hand is a sheet inside a workbook, each worksheet can be found on the tabs at the bottom of the Excel Window and can be renamed by right-clicking on the tab.

Microsoft Powerpoint

What is Microsoft Powerpoint?

It is a presentation program that conveys the message through slides. It is a complete graphic presentation that helps the audience to better understand the idea you’re presenting by using diagrams, images, text, animation, and transitional effects.

Powerpoint visualizes your imaginative ideas into something that can easily be understood and it cut off from a boring meeting to something that is interactive.

There are many uses of Powerpoint depending on its field and the creativity of the user.

  1. Powerpoint for teaching – as we are transitioning to study at home, it’s hard for the educators to teach without presenting something on the screen. This can lead students to lose interest in studying. Although, we have different ways to learn it is much easier if your students know what you are trying to convey.
  2. Powerpoint for business – thanks to Microsoft’s Powerpoint that business presentations made easier and convenient. If Microsoft Excel is for data analysis, formula, and calculations, Microsoft Powerpoint is the presentation of those data. This way creative strategy, diagram, and plans can be executed and visualized it exceptionally.
  3. Powerpoint for Application – if you are a job seeker, it would be a unique way to present yourself. Rather than doing the old days of printing a word resume, let your presentation speak about you. This will leave a great impression on the hiring employers.

Start Maximizing The Use Of Microsoft Office Products

There are many ways you can do on Microsoft Office, as you get to know the basic you will always want to know more because you know how Amazing it works and how it automates our workload.

In this article, we only discussed the 3 Core Apps of Microsoft Office Suite but there are still a lot as we advance and it is much easier to integrate if we know these 3 major apps.

Check out the top Microsoft Office products for 2021. FastSoftwares highly recommend checking out first all top products before buying them.

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