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New Emojis of Microsoft Windows 11

microsoft windows 11 emoji

In July 2021, Microsoft disclosed a new set of emojis for the Microsoft Windows 11 update. Some users assumed that the emojis would be in their unique 3D form instead of the flat 2D designs that the Microsoft Windows 11 has always been utilizing. The preview before the new set of emojis was officially released made the users look forward to using it. 

Will the company adjust Microsoft Windows 11 to have new designs to satisfy the users who use emojis frequently? The answer to that question is yes, and the company is said to be working on it already. We are looking forward to using the new designs of the emojis.

Microsoft Windows 11 Feature: New Set of Fluent Emojis

A team of developers created a new set of fluent emojis, and they will be exclusive to Windows 11 users. 

Microsoft has disclosed a Windows 11 preview of the new emojis, and users were finally excited to update their computers. Still, by the time the company had released the new set of emojis, it was in 2D design, and users thought there would be more exciting designs to come.

The company built an excellent prospect for the users about the upcoming set of emojis. Still, flat colors replaced the promised 3D designs, and the shading was a lot more different than what the company had revealed in the preview.

The company later clarified that the new fluent emojis are made for Microsoft’s other apps like Skype and Teams. These 2D designs are better than no update and a big step up from the company’s previous update.

The brighter side of the new update still depends on our individual preference, and we could still use it. The only dilemma is that the company delivered what the users were not expecting.

Brief History of Emojis

We can safely say that emojis are not new because they were already used before but in various forms. Hieroglyphics, for example, were used by the ancient Egyptians to write stories and history, which are also a form of expression.

The founding father of emojis that we are using today is considered to be the designer Shigetaka Kurita. Japan mobile phones in 1999 had released more than a hundred emojis only. And if you are thinking about where they got the name “emoji,” it was two blended words: “picture and letter,” but in Japanese.

Many years later, in 2015, the Oxford dictionary announced that the “Word of the Year” was not a word but an emoji. It was the emoji with the “The face with tears of joy” because people frequently used it.

What Are Emojis?

Our computer plays an essential role in our lives, helping us converse with other people. We cannot show much emotion when connecting with friends through a message or chat. That is why emojis are present to make us more expressive with other people. 

Before emojis, there were emoticons in the communication apps. They were popular in the 90s and were used to deliver instant visual expressions or emotions. So many updates were rolled out, and then there was emoji. 

Emojis show emotions, objects, symbols, or an idea through apps. They were initially being utilized on mobile devices for messaging or social networking apps, but later on, they were added to all online platforms. Now, we can use emojis even when using our laptops or PC. 

Emojis are organized into different categories in emotions, animals, sports, food, vehicles, symbols, flags, technology, emoticons, etc. The categorizations of emojis are sometimes confusing. If you are fond of using emojis, locating what emoji you need might be more manageable.

Why are emojis important?

They make chatting more entertaining.

COVD-19 made almost all our work online. For two years, we have been experiencing virtual meetings and online classes. In a typical setup, we talk to our co-workers face-to-face, laugh with them, and do many other activities which let us show our emotions. 

Now that almost everything is done virtually, we often use emojis to express our feelings toward other people. Text messages alone look plain; we add emojis to make them look more entertaining.  

They help us explain something when we can’t say it in words.

Some people find it hard to express or explain some things through words, and we thank emojis for that because we have a lot of expressions to choose from, category by category.

How to get the new windows 11 emojis?

You have already seen the new set of fluent emojis, and here is how you will get Windows 11 new emojis on your computer. Before you get the recent release of Fluent Emojis, you have to download the update KB5007262 for Windows 11 manually. 

  1. Open Windows Update settings
  2. Click Settings, then Update Security.
  3. Find Windows Update, then click on Check for updates.
  4. After you complete the process, press Windows Key + Period Key.

Any thoughts on Windows 11 new set of emojis?

Although you have not seen the design you were expecting from the new update of Microsoft Windows 11 emojis, it was fine. It was better than nothing. The company has announced a clarification regarding the new Microsoft Windows 11 Fluent Emojis designs. However, years will still come, and future emojis might get better than we are currently using. Microsoft Windows 11 will indeed roll out another update, and developers continuously try and create better designs, especially after learning from a lot of feedback from different users worldwide. 

Because of online communication, emojis have become an essential feature of our devices. Emojis help users to communicate efficiently and effectively. A message we are trying to portray or express is sent with just a click of an emoji.

Emojis have changed a lot. Many designs and categories were added after 1999 when Japanese mobile phones only had more than a hundred emojis, from having simple smiley faces to having gender-neutral emojis and many more. 

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