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Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac Preview for Public

Microsoft stresses that Office LTSC is for “a limited set of unique situations,” not just for users who dislike the cloud/subscription model. Microsoft isn’t expecting customers to use the subscription versions of Office in cases where the perpetual versions make sense, such as regulated devices that can’t get feature updates for years at a time, process control devices in manufacturing, and other specialty systems that are locked, according to executives.

What is in the Office 2021 preview for Mac?

Many new features are said to include in Office 2021, as well as a visual overhaul of the entire suite. It is already seeing some of this in the public preview for Mac, particularly in classic apps like Excel.

What we do know is that the suite will become much more accessible. The macOS preview focused on the new neural text-to-speech voices in Word.

Artificial voices have become more lifelike and understandable thanks to new technology. The new Line Focus attribute ties into this; you may focus on each line independently in the Immersive Reader to simplify reading.

In the Mac preview, Excel received the most updates. Two new functions, XLOOKUP() and LET, have been added and are now available for testing (). These functions will make sorting through your data much easier, especially when working with massive spreadsheets.

One theory is that Office for Mac will be cloud-connected, and Office 365 services such as OneDrive vault or Office Online embedding will play a more significant role in this release.

The most noticeable change coming to Office is the new design based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design System (also known as Project Neon). The flat design with minimalistic elements allows for cleaner interfaces, which can make or break software. The design and tools may also change feedback from testers via this first preview release version.

Microsoft has revealed plans to improve the performance of all applications, allowing older devices to work seamlessly with Office 2021. Furthermore, as seen in the Office LTSC preview of Word, extensive Dark Mode support is expected throughout the new suite.

Office 2021 public preview summarized.

Here are the cores to remember about the first preview build of the new Office 2021 suite, which was created and released for the macOS platform:

  • Linear Focus. You can now focus on its content by dragging a document line closer to your computer screen. It reduces distractions and gives users more room to work with less scrolling, increasing productivity.
  • Added the XLOOKUP function. This feature makes it easier to find items in a table or range by row, which was previously difficult. The new function simplifies and simplifies this task significantly.
  • Support for more Dynamic Arrays. When using Dynamic Arrays for data forms in your spreadsheets, a new set of functions in Excel gives you more flexibility.
  • Narration should be recorded. The new PowerPoint feature allows you to record narration directly from the application and then use it to create a good slide show without additional editing.

While a Windows preview has yet to be revealed, you can now get your hands on the Office 2021 for Mac and Office LTSC preview versions to try out these features.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and other vital programs will continue to include in the Office perpetual SKUs. The Skype for Business client will not be included with Office LTSC, although it can be downloaded through the Microsoft Download Center for those who want/need it.

Your first look at Office 2021 for Mac

Your first look at the new features in Office 2021 for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, is now available in public preview. There is only a Mac Office 2021 preview; there is no Office 2021 preview for Windows. Perhaps because there are a few more innovations in Office 2019 for Mac compared to Office 2021 for Windows?

To put it mildly, the software is unimpressive, but that is precisely what Microsoft is aiming for. Microsoft is reluctantly selling Office 2021 as a non-subscription, perpetual license release for volume customers. They’d much rather customers join the subscription bandwagon.

The changes between Office 2019 and Office 2021 are difficult to discern in their current public preview state. As the preview continues, Microsoft may add new functionality to Office 2021 (and the accompanying Office LTSC). Office 2021/LTSC, like Office 2019, will lack cloud-based functionality such as PowerPoint Designer and Linked Data Types in Excel.

Word 2021 for Mac

office 2021 for mac

Most apps include a ‘What’s New’ promotional page that appears to be an unrevised leftover from Office 2019. (understandable in a preview). The “new” capabilities described in Excel 2021 (see below) are already available in Excel 2019.

No Line Focus 

no line focus

Line Focus in Word’s Immersive Reader is one of the planned Office 2021 for Mac features. Despite being stated as the present, it doesn’t include in the initial preview release. Word 2021 for Mac Immersive Reader with Line Focus will be released later this year.

Excel 2021

excel new feature

This page appears to be the Office 2019 list, which has not yet been updated. Office 2019 has the ‘new’ charts and features.

Dynamic Arrays

dynamic arrays

Dynamic Arrays are maybe an essential feature of Excel 2021/LTSC.



Xlookup() is a better and easier version of Vlookup() or Hlookup() ().

PowerPoint 2021

new powerpoint 2021 features

This page will need to be updated later in the preview. Office 2019 includes morph, SVG, and embedded fonts.

Record Narration

record narration

The one new feature in PowerPoint 2021 is Recording a presentation with narration.

Outlook 2021

outlook 2021

Outlook 2021 for Mac has no apparent updates.

OneNote 2021

one note 2021

According to Microsoft, OneNote in Office 2021 is the same as in Office 2019.

Last Thoughts

Mac and Windows end users will be able to use the following full version of Microsoft Office before the end of the year. We’re excited not only for what’s coming next year but also for being able to provide more details on how things have been forming so far – stay tuned to FastSoftwares for weekly posts on the new Office 2021 and other tech news.

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