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How Do I Buy Microsoft Software Online?

How to buy Microsoft Software Products Online-Featured Image.

Are you planning to buy Microsoft Office Software Online Keys? 

You have to be aware that nowadays, there are many eCommerce stores of Microsoft Software products that sell online illegally.

Yes! Illegally. Do you know why? Because they are selling Microsoft Office Software Keys without permission from Microsoft.

Since Microsoft allow no disc installation, Microsoft Software Products today are fraudulent because this doesn’t require a disc anymore to install on your computer. And this the reason why many sellers can deceive buyers like you.

Read this article to know the criteria and steps you can take to buy online Microsoft Office Software keys.

Ok, let’s dive in first on the criteria that we need to look for when buying Microsoft Office Keys

3 Criteria When Buying Microsoft Software Online

Here are three things you have to look into a company when buying your Microsoft Software Keys online. 

These serve as the criteria to find the best places online for your Microsoft Office Keys. Take note of these criteria so online scammers won’t deceive you. And buy only the legit ones.

1. Microsoft Certified Partner 

It is essential to be part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Why?

Being a Microsoft certified partner, a Microsoft software seller has permission to sell legitimate Microsoft Software product keys. 

They are now a trusted and reliable seller. They may be a silver or gold partner of Microsoft. Whatever be the partnership of the company with Microsoft, it is a sign that they are legit.

FastSoftwares is a certified Microsoft Partner. Being part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we have access to the latest Microsoft software technologies, support, and training. 

That’s why FastSoftwares have the best customer support as we have the experts trained by Microsoft. 

2. Instant Delivery At Affordable Price

As we are in the digital age, make sure that your product will be in just less than 1 hour after you check out. 

No need to wait for the disc of the Microsoft software key delivery. It will instantly be on your email. So if your Microsoft product key took so long to be on your inbox, you have to be nervous as this is a sign of slow delivery or, worst, a scam.

Then when it comes to pricing. Make sure that it is on your budget and affordable. If the price is too high, try Fastsoftwares. At FastSoftwares, Microsoft Office Product Keys are affordable, and the delivery time is 15 minutes or less only.

3. Has A Money-Back Guaranteed Offer

If you are not satisfied with the Microsoft Software product key you bought from the eCommerce company, or it doesn’t work, make sure that the company has a money-back guarantee offer. 

This is important for a customer-centric company like FastSoftwares. Because for FastSoftwares, if our customer is not happy with our product and services, we offer them a money-back guaranteed.

Especially if the product key doesn’t work and refuses to replace it. We give them choices.

Our priority is our customers. FastSoftwares is a customer-first company. We give our best product and services, but d, we can’t do anything if a customer is still not satisfied.

But the good news is, all FastSoftwares customers are delighted with our service. And they even refer us to their family, relatives and friends.

5 Simple Steps To Buy Microsoft Office Software Online 

Now you know the criteria that you have to remember in buying Microsoft office software keys online. 

Next, let us dive into the five basic steps in choosing the best place to buy your Microsoft Office software online.

While taking every step, you have to think of our criteria mentioned a while back. Ok?

Step 1. Pick The Best Place To Buy Microsoft Office Software Online Like Fastsoftwares

You may try to go to google and type “buy Microsoft Software Product Keys Online”.

Or you can also type the direct company name in your mind on the search bar of google. 

For example, you chose FastSoftwares, go to google and type in “FastSoftwares”. 

Then choose the FastSoftwares US – Your One-Stop-Shop Microsoft Software…

 buying Microsoft Software online on FastSoftwares with google search
After clicking the FastSoftwares US- Your One-Stop-Shop-Microsoft Software Product Keys, it will lead you to the FastSoftwares US website.

 Buy Microsoft Office Product Key with FastSoftwares online platform

Ok, this is how you will choose a website, the best place for you to buy online Microsoft Software Product Keys. Now start searching and exploring the best place for you to buy.

Step 2. Go To The Website’s About Page and Explore the website

Now you have the eCommerce store you have chosen to explore if this is the best place to buy the Microsoft Product Keys. But don’t decide yet until you confirm that the website has our criteria.

This step will confirm if the website is a legit seller of Microsoft office software products. 

First, let’s look into the website about page. Let’s find if FastSoftwares is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

buy Microsoft Office Software online with Microsoft Certified Partner Platform like FastSoftwares

And wow! See, FastSoftwares Us is a Certified Microsoft Partner. 

Next, let’s see if FastSoftwares have instant delivery and have a money-back guaranteed.

buy Microsoft Office Software online with money back guaranteed

And Yes! FastSoftwares offers a 90-day money-back-guaranteed and has instant delivery direct to your email.

It’s time to decide to shop on FastSoftwares. As FastSoftwares is an online trusted and reliable Microsoft Office Product Key Seller 

Still not convinced? 

Learn more about why you need to buy certified Microsoft products from FastSoftwares.

Step 3. Check The Website Shop Page

Are you now convinced to buy Microsoft Software to FastSoftwares?

Let’s continue with step 3. The explore the shop page of the website. For FastSoftwares, just click on the Shop button on the homepage of the website. And it will lead you to the shop page.

shop from FastSoftwares the best place to buy Microsoft Software Keys online

buy Microsoft Office Software Products on FastSoftwares Online onlyNow feel free to explore the Microsoft Products of FastSoftwares if it has what you need. And if you will see the prices of Microsoft Software on FastSoftwares, they are affordable. 

For sure, it fits your budget.

Step 4. Start Shopping And Checkout

If you already have the right product for your need, keep adding Microsoft products to your cart. And then you can now check out.

It is fast to shop online, right?

Now your Microsoft software key is ready for delivery.

Step 5. Provide Your Email For Delivery

The last part is the Microsoft Software product delivery.

Don’t forget to provide your email upon your checkout. This will be where you can access the product you bought from FastSoftwares.

And there you have the steps in buying your Microsoft Softwares product online.

Buy Microsoft Software Keys At Fastsoftwares Online Now! 

What are you waiting for? Start buying Microsoft Software Product Keys online now at FastSoftware. Your only one-stop-shop Microsoft Software product keys.

FastSoftwares expert team is excited to serve you. Start shopping today!

Can’t decide the right Microsoft Software for your need? 

Don’t worry, you can reach us today!

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