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Remote Work Apps Featured ImageMany people want to stay at home instead of dealing with different people and new environments every day unless you love exploring outside; that’s an entirely different topic.

Also, many of us have transitioned to working from home. It is undeniably challenging from speaking to other people face-to-face to seeing them virtually and from working on-site to exploring the best work apps for working from home. Remote work apps will be useful to you.

You might haven’t found the best remote work app yet, and this article will help you have a smooth flow of work through the apps that we will introduce later on.

Transitioning to Working From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit two years ago, some companies had to close and trim down the number of employees. Unfortunately, even small businesses haven’t been thriving quickly because of the situation worldwide.

Some employees who were continuously working had to transition to remote work. Remote work means you can do your tasks wherever you are. Working from home has become a reality for some people since it is one safer way to prevent oneself from getting the virus while making money from their companies. 

Remote work can be long-term, and you need to get used to it. It might not be easy for others who love working on-site, but what else can they do? It is challenging, especially when you are new to using different applications for remote work. But, you can easily understand applications now because you can learn almost everything through tutorials.

Challenges of Working From Home

Remote work is just as hard as on-site work. Working from home is challenging when;

  1. You are not good at managing your time. It is hard to start working when you don’t have a specific time to start. You only begin when it’s convenient for you, but how about the tasks you have to finish on time?
  2. You are easily distracted by your environment. Loud neighbors, barking dogs, house renovation near your place, and many more are some distractions that keep you from working peacefully.
  3. There is the temptation to take longer breaks because your employer is not around. Remote work tests your efficiency as an employee.
  4. You find it hard to resolve technical problems. You may know how some apps work, but you still struggle to fix them when apps are in trouble.
  5. You struggle with communicating with the team because you communicate more effectively on site.
  6. You feel isolated and slowly lose your active social life because of work. That’s one reason why you get lonely and unmotivated.

Working from home alone can be peaceful and challenging at the same time, and it gets more challenging when you have to collaborate and work with the whole team. Fortunately, you have so many options for apps you can use to make your remote work easier to have a balanced work-life experience.

Work From Home: Effective Tips

Practical tips focus on maximizing and utilizing the best apps for remote work. Without these apps, you cannot perform your task effectively and efficiently. You might have a pleasant workplace, but you don’t have the apps that could help you. Still, it’s going to be a struggle on your part.

You don’t have to overthink tasks you might miss because the following remote works apps will help you work smoothly. Collaborating with the whole team, communicating with your employer, and even listing tasks are made easier for your work from home setup.

Here are the seven best remote work apps you will need.

7 Best Apps to Increase Productivity of Working From Home


Clockify helps you track time in multiple ways. With Clockify, you can follow time with ongoing work, stop, and start timers. It provides visual time breakdowns and boosts your productivity. Clockify improves your time management skills.


Manage your tasks easily with the use of Trello. This tool is good for one employee and the whole team, and you will love this one! With this app, you can set many goals and do them smoothly. 

This app has cards for more organized work. Open the cards to see the tasks, checklist, conversations, etc.


Handle messages and team conversations with public and private channels using Slack. Communication is the key to impressive work performance. With Slack, keeping in touch with important events is not a problem.

Like our social media apps, Slack allows you and the rest of the team to receive a notification so you will not miss any announcements.


It is safe to say that almost everyone is familiar with Zoom. This app helps you communicate with co-workers, friends, and clients virtually.

With this app, you and the team can brainstorm, discuss goals, approve business proposals, etc. Not only is it good for businesses but also online classes. The app lets you share screens for presentations and make the meeting more interactive. 


Companies have this thing where they recognize employees with good performance. With Kudos, employees can receive recognition, feedback, and appreciation, which helps them build more confidence and motivation for work.

This app gives the employees a healthy environment. It increases the engagement of every employee by receiving feedback and encouragement from other co-workers. 


Making a to-do list is normal for some people. Without the list of tasks, you don’t know where to start because there are many things you need to do. With Todoist, organize those tasks in your head by putting them in this app and have a clear direction by being in control. 


Show your progress to clients by sharing files using Dropbox. You can share any file and collaborate with your team while staying in a secure environment for your files.

Any thoughts about the 7 best remote work apps?

Because of remote work apps, work can be so much easier, from tracking work hours to organizing different files and meetings. After knowing all these tools, you can say that remote work can be fun with the help of remote work apps.

These work apps give you clarity, convenience, and motivation. You only have to be patient to learn how to utilize them for your benefit.

Remote work apps are the best when you allow yourself to adjust to operating them. 

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