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Top 10 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 2021

windows 10 tips applied by a skateboarderMicrosoft Widows 10 is one of the most complex operating systems Microsoft has ever created. But did you know that there are tips and tricks that you might use in Windows 10?

Would you like to become a pro in using Windows 10? Whether you’re a Microsoft Windows 10 user for a long time, or recently upgraded. This guide will help you to become more productive, by knowing the tricks and tips or the hidden features of Windows 10.

It will make your daily activity with your computer faster and smoother. We have compiled a list of useful and clever tips that will guide you and get the most out of Microsoft 10.

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Windows 10

1. Window Shake

Does it confuse you as well when your desktop screen gets crowded with too many open tabs? And you’re like minimizing them one by one? To avoid doing that there’s a trick by Windows 10 that can clear them all except on the tab you are working with.

Left-click on the title bar of the Window you are working with and you want to remain open. Hold the mouse and move back and forth from left to right. After a quick shake a couple of times, it will then minimize the other open windows. Shake the mouse again to bring all the windows back.

2. Secret Start Menu

To open the Start Menu we would go and click the Windows icon at the lower left of the screen. But there’s an alternative Start Menu that might be useful. It can be accessed in two ways. The first one is by pressing the Windows key + X or right-click on the Windows icon or Start Menu. It will then bring up a menu and let you access the important features much easier, such as Windows Powershell, Network Connections, Task Manager, Power Options, and many more.

3. Create a Calendar Event without opening the App

The latest update of Microsoft 10 is to create an event on your calendar straight from your taskbar. To do it without opening the App:

  1. On the lower right of the screen click on the date and time.
  2. Click the date of your event.
  3. Type in the event name, select the time and click on the checkmark and add the location. When you’re done click on Save.
  4. The event you created should appear in your Calendar app on your devices.

Note: The drop-down arrow next to the event name is the option that you can choose if you have too many calendars.

4. Screen Capture Tool

There are many ways we know how to take a screenshot on our computer’s screen. Most of the time we used the Print Screen Key, by pressing the Windows Key + PrtSc, the image is saved to the Pictures Screenshots folder.

There’s also a tool called a Snipping Tool. And another trick we can use is by pressing the Windows Key + Shift + S to open the Snip and Sketch Tool. The choices are rectangular, free form window, and full-screen snip. Then drag the cursor on the area you want to capture the screenshot and save it to your clipboard.

5. Turning Off the Background Apps

Programs that run in the background can receive info, send notifications, and offer many beneficial features. But it can also waste bandwidth usage and drain your laptop.

To prevent those apps from running in the background and save some battery power and data. Go to settings, for new users click on the Windows Icon in the lower left of the screen. Click on Privacy and on the left pane scroll down click on Background Apps, toggle the top switch to off to stop all the running apps in the background. You may also leave it turned on, and switch off each up individually by going down the list below.

6. Stop Typing, Start Dictating

Here’s a cool trick that you can use for Windows 10. Speech recognition can be enabled by pressing on your keyboard the Windows Key + H in any text field. You can now stop typing and can start dictation.

Note: Manual punctuation should still need to type.

7. Unlocking Emoji Menu and Symbols

Press the Windows Key + Period (.) on your keyboard to access the emoji characters. The pop-up window will then appear and you can also choose a wide array of different symbols.

8. Nearby Sharing

If you are familiar with Apple’s AirDrop, Microsoft has a similar feature called nearby sharing. It helps you share the file with other Windows 10 computers or nearby devices connected.

To enable this feature go to Settings, click on Systems and click on Shared Experiences then toggle the switch on for nearby sharing. This can also be set to share with anyone or if you want to share only on your device you may do so to transfer files much easier.

9. Open Pinned Programs by Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Programs that you have pinned to the taskbar can be open easily by using the keyboard shortcut key. Press the keyboard Windows Key plus the Number (from 1-0). For Example Windows Key + 1 it will then open the number 1 pinned app on your taskbar.

10. Ransomware Protection

To help protect your computer ransomware protection is now included with Windows Defender. To enable it, go to the Start Menu and type in, on the search box the Windows Security and click it.  Go to Virus and Threat Protection scroll down and select Manage ransomware protection. Toggle to switch on the Controlled folder access and it will block unauthorized changes to your protected files folders and memory.

Clicking and Selecting the Protected Folders will show you the list of folders that are currently being protected. To add additional folders, click on the plus sign next to add a protected folder and browse your computer for the folder you want to protect it to.

These are just the 10 Tips and Tricks that can be used in Microsoft 10. There are still a lot more.

Apply These 10 Tips By Upgrading First to Windows 10

If your laptop is not yet on Windows 10 Operating system, it is the time to start upgrading your PC to Microsoft Windows 10.

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