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Install and Repair Bluetooth Drivers Windows 10

Just like any other hardware, your device needs Bluetooth drivers to make your machines and devices be detected or connected properly. The audio device is an example of a device, that have their own driver package that can be downloaded from any available website but sometimes there are safety issues if you are not familiar with the detailed description.

Most of this software does not work especially if it has driver issues. It is best to check the current driver installed on your PC. And remember to know the purchase history of your Software and PC.

With billions of non-wired-equipped gadgets and machines being used nowadays, knowing how Bluetooth works and its compatibility with your device will save you time and effort when there is a need for you to fix it. This post is your great source on how to install and repair Bluetooth Drivers on your PC especially if you are using Windows 10.

How Bluetooth Works?

Bluetooth is wireless short-range technology. It is a type of driver software that allows your device such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and keyboards to name a few to transmit data using the Personal Area Network (PANs) within a radius of 30 feet or more connectivity without the need for wire or cable.  Since it is a short-ranged network, power consumption is low and costs less as compared to Wi-fi.

Repair Bluetooth Drivers Windows 10

It was developed in 1994 as a replacement for cables used in different tools and technologies. With its 2.4GHz frequency, the Bluetooth RF (Radio Frequency) Transceiver or known as “star topology” plays a major role in present-day technology. Although its importance is hardly realized, all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets have built-in antennas for transmitting and receiving.

What are Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

As technology spearheads, more electronic gadgets, home, and office equipment nowadays are being introduced to the public. Bluetooth works between any two enabled unwired gadgets that do not require additional network implements such as routers or modems, thus it is an in-demand choice for sending data between electronic device and equipment over close ranges.

If connected to personal computers and peripherals, Bluetooth can be connected to a laptop or desktop to any unwired device such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, or speaker. It can be used in transferring files between two computers that have Bluetooth chips or send documents to enabled non wired printing machines, Bluetooth-enabled visual studio, audio tool, and other Bluetooth-enabled tools and equipment.

Repair Bluetooth Drivers Windows 10

How does Piconet Work with Bluetooth-enabled Gadgets?

The devices that are connected through Bluetooth piconet, a small Bluetooth ad hoc network, may start from a computer to a single device, such as a smartphone, and may grow to a maximum of  8 devices ( tablet, laptop, non-dell branded printers, Bluetooth-enabled printers, mouse, or keyboard).

When setting up a piconet, a unit should serve as the master (transmitter) and the other unit/s are the slave/s (receiver/s). You can transmit documents, apps, music, or photos using wireless Bluetooth by pairing your device from another device with ease.

How to Identify Your Bluetooth Driver Version?

Check first the Intel Corporation Bluetooth drivers Device Manufacturer (OEM) to make sure that your system has the Intel Wireless Bluetooth hardware installed. In some cases, other OEM devices might be using mixed combinations of third-party or unknown sources of Bluetooth-enabled tools. This can affect its intermittent connectivity.

It is likewise recommended that you keep your computer system’s security updates and drivers update for your hardware to avoid hassles in the future. To do this, in the easiest way, you need to download Intel Brand Drivers & Support Assistant (DSA) for your device.

Here is Easy Steps To Check Your Bluetooth Version

Step 1: Type Device Manager on your Search near your start menu.

Step 2: Find the Bluetooth then try to expand it.

Step 3: Then Right Click the last option under the Bluetooth

Bluetooth on device manager

Step 4: Then Select Properties and select the Advance Tab.

Version of Bluetooth

Note: The steps for Windows 7 and Windows 8 may be different.

How to Download Bluetooth Driver For Windows 10?

Most smartphones and other devices support Bluetooth 4.0, so check your Windows 10 PC  first if it supports Bluetooth 4.0. But take note of the warranty validation or the history for warranty of your device before doing anything with it.

To connect your Bluetooth-enabled gadget to your pc, you need to have a Bluetooth Adapter into your PC USB port. You can use shielded or unshielded USB devices to maximize your connectivity signals.

Bluetooth USB

Since Microsoft is limited when it comes to native support for all types of hardware, we will guide you through downloading and installing Bluetooth drivers and fix any issues by yourself.

Before you download a Bluetooth driver, make sure you do the following:

1. Check first the Bluetooth driver file that is compatible with your PC by pressing the “Windows + R” keys on your keyboard. A utility box will appear on the lower left side corner of your screen called Run. Type in “control” on the search box then click on the OK button. A classic Control Panel application will open up. Make sure that you are in “category” mode.

Run diaglog box

2.From the control panel, click the “System and Security” category filters

3.Then click again the “System”. You will then see the basic information of your computer’s system. There are actually common brands of processors such as AMD, Intel, Acer, Hewlett-Packard to name a few.

PC Device Information

As you can see on the example image above, the processor is Intel Core. Then PC RAM is 4 GB and it is on Operating System, Windows 10 64 bit. It means it is from Intel company

These settings are important for compatibilities. To make sure the Intel core processor of your windows is compatible with Bluetooth.

It is best to have the latest version of Bluetooth Driver Installer is a program for your PC that identifies and resolves any issues with your Bluetooth driver.

Check for updates, if you don’t have the right and updated driver program, you don’t need to download a new one since it is already installed on your PC.

Now that you are ready to search and download the right Bluetooth driver for you.  Of course, you need to have an internet connection so you’d be able to download the software. You can navigate from your search engine for the right software available for you.

Searching on google intel bluetooth

Helpful Tips When Downloading Software From The Web:

1.Remember to search and download your software from official sources to avoid malware, malicious software, and other viruses. If possible, search for reviews or feedback of people for the site. But we recommend downloading from Intel websites. Or download any brand of dell-developed drivers on their website.

2.Download the Bluetooth driver according to the system type that is compatible with your PC’s Windows 10 system. Always check for the latest available software from your trusted download center.

Bluetooth file download

And there you go, you already have the file download.

How to Install the Adapter Software Package in Windows 10?

If you’re done with downloading the Wireless adapter software file, it’s time to use the wireless adapter driver installation process. Remember to secure access to the internet. If the driver installation file has no damages, you can now install it.

But beware, before doing this, make sure it doesn’t violate the insurance claims requirement of your PC if it is still under warranty. Or you may want to use docking stations for better results.

Steps To Install Bluetooth

Notes: This is applicable for Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit.

Step 1: Click to open the file then Install Bluetooth

Step 2: Just Click on the necessary buttons as you follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: After following the screen instructions, restart your computer. By then, you can start connecting via Bluetooth to all of your Bluetooth-enabled tools and equipment.

How to Update Your Bluetooth in Windows 10?

An article type with alerts on topics such as the windows product announcement updates is helpful for keeping yourself knowledgeable on the driver updates. It is important for users like you to know if you’re using the previous versions so that you can update your driver immediately.

Steps To Update Driver:

Notes: This is also applicable for Windows 10 64 bit OS. Before doing this make sure you do software updates on your PC

Step 1: Right Click on your Windows Start menu

Step 2: Select Device Manager from the options

Step 3: Expand Bluetooth by Right Clicking the Bluetooth

Step 4: Restart your Computer to fully update the driver.

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