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New icons in File Explorer: Windows 10 Visual Overhaul

App icons in Windows 10 are getting a makeover as part of Microsoft’s ongoing UI updates to Windows. The File Explorer icon, which is the most noticeable change, is getting a complete makeover. Additionally, get ready for an all-new icon for the Recycle Bin!

Get the lowdown on Windows 10’s aesthetic refresh right here.

New Icons for Windows 10 Update

Windows 10’s built-in apps, including Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Mail, and Calendar, were the first to get icon updates in 2020.

Following that, Microsoft proceeded to update icons across Windows 10, including those for Windows Security, Narrator, and Notepad.

The second stage in the icon redesign is now underway as the tech giant updates several system icons utilized across File Explorer.

Updates to Windows 10 File Explorer’s new icons

Microsoft is updating the look of Windows 10 File Explorer with fresh, new icons. Changes to the system icons that are accessible through File Explorer have begun to roll out in a preview release of Windows 10.

A lot of these symbols will get updated when users download new versions of apps from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft started releasing them to Windows Insiders in March 2021 through the Fast Ring. The icons for Mail and Calendar were the first to be released in the Release Preview.

Among the many changes that users may anticipate are a shift in the default iconography for various file types and the orientation of folder icons. Microsoft has made these improvements to ensure that all of its file-viewing products are consistent with one another.

Particularly noticeable is the redesign of the top-level user folders, which should make it slightly easier to distinguish between Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures at a look. For Windows 10, Microsoft flipped the folders so they would be more consistent.

You can anticipate the following visual modifications to the icons:

Microsoft has revamped the Recycle Bin icon, a direct reference to previous attempts by the corporation to alter the emblem that was met with disapproval by Windows customers.

There have been some adjustments to the Picture and OneDrive folders as well. There will no longer be a plethora of yellow files to sort through, thanks to the redesigns that aim to make them more distinguishable at a look.

Although these icon changes may not seem significant at first glance, they are actually a part of Microsoft’s larger plan to update Windows.

Microsoft introduced new Windows 10 system icons in March 2021. The business had previously updated some Windows 10 icons in 2020 with colorful versions. On a more critical note, Microsoft simplified the Start menu.

Therefore, Microsoft’s ongoing attempts to modernize Windows include replacing the icons used by File Explorer.

We anticipate further icon updates in the future due to the large number of icons in Windows 10.

When you run it, you will see the updated icons and other layout adjustments for File Explorer. Noteworthy, Microsoft is enhancing File Explorer by including extra padding between components. With this, you can revert to the original File Explorer style with a tiny mode.

Along with the new icons, the File Explorer view is getting an upgrade to make it more touch-friendly.

The new icons are much anticipated by users, who have even started speculating about them before time.

Updates Added

With the most recent Preview build, Microsoft has also made a few adjustments. For instance, it now supports new shortcuts for renaming files and renames the Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start to Windows Tools. You can move the cursor between words in the file name using the CTRL + Left/Right arrow, and you can delete multiple words at once with CTRL + Delete or CTRL + Backspace.

The latest preview release, along with other bug and known issue updates, is now available on the Dev Channel for Windows Insiders to use.

At long last

These icon modifications will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of File Explorer. In addition to being striking, they give the impression of being smaller and lighter.

Like you, we are eagerly anticipating the release. We will provide you with continuing updates.

Be advised that this article may need revisions. For additional details about the new File Explorer Icons, including when they will be released, be sure to check back with our blog.

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