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How to Fix Activation Errors in Microsoft Office

We will cover the designated Microsoft Office versions, issues, and troubleshooting in this tutorial, along with comprehensive activation instructions.

How to Fix Errors in Activation

Let us take care of the activation error troubleshooting before moving on to the activation stage process.

Error Activating Microsoft Office

For whatever reason, if Microsoft Office is unable to activate it, it will appear as “unlicensed”. All editing features will be inaccessible at that point.

Microsoft Office

The title bar of your Microsoft Office apps will then display an unlicensed product or non-commercial use/unlicensed product.

After the issues are resolved, you can restore it.

The following techniques may assist in resolving the activation failure:

Precise Accounting

Your Microsoft Office account may not recognize you if you are not signed in correctly, for example, by using a different address.

Microsoft Office

The message “Office not being able to discover Office products” will then appear.

Multiple Copies

It is simple to install many copies without realizing it. This can interfere and result in activation failures if it happens.

Past Due Subscription

You will once more get the notice “we could not find any office products” if the membership has ended. To continue having access, just renew your subscription..

Microsoft Office


If Microsoft Office still would not activate, you will need to select the appropriate Microsoft Office version for more assistance.

Limit Reached Error

An error message stating “installed limit reached” could show up if you have the Microsoft Office installed on two separate PCs.

Microsoft Office

You will need to use a different device to download Microsoft Office or log out.

Activating Microsoft Office 365, 2019, 2016, and 2013

  • You must log into an Microsoft Office that has not been activated in order to activate.
  • Remember to always log in with the account you used to purchase or subscribe to Microsoft Office.

How to use a phone to activate Microsoft Office

There are a few ways to help activate Office. Via the phone is one of them.

Depending on the version of Office you are using, be mindful. This may also have an impact on whether phone activation is enabled or not.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013 using the internet

Additionally, you can activate it online. Select “I wish to activate the software over the internet” in the activation wizard.

Either hit enter on the keyboard or select the next button. As directed, proceed with further promptness.


As previously mentioned, you should constantly look for multiples. whether installed on a single computer, a different one that belongs to you, or both.

An error message regarding the maximum activations may arise from this. When moving Office, be sure to read the conditions of the program license.

Devices with Windows 10 preinstalled or new

The title above can appear as a message on your computer screen.

If this happens, you are probably signing into a pre-installed Office account on a new device. However, the office product is unrelated to your particular account.

This typically indicates that a 365 home trial has been setup for the office. After activating, you can use the trial on your new Office device.

Typically, the study lasts for one month. Office can be purchased separately or added to an already-existing subscription.

Enabling “Inclusion of Windows 10”

You will not require or get a printed product key after this activation. By clicking the Office button, you can activate.

The message “Hello, let us activate Office” will then appear.

Launch an Office application next, and choose “activate Office.” You will receive more prompts, and you can follow them to the letter to finish the task.

What Makes a Microsoft Account Crucial?

The Office key will then be digitally sent to your PC if your office purchase already includes one.

The product key will not be used; instead, your Microsoft account will be used. Reinstalling and reactivating are now simpler as a result.

Therefore, in order to redeem your Office deal or purchase, you must have a Microsoft account.

Microsoft HUP

if you have bought office supplies via the Microsoft HUP program offered by your workplace. The Office professional will then need to be installed or reinstalled.

In addition to your product’s activation, there are two products.

Microsoft Office

First Step

Using your Microsoft account, you will log in. You cannot download your Office software from the website without a Microsoft account.

Step Two

Put in your product key here.

Put the email address you used to purchase Office here. After that, an email with your product key will be sent to your work address.

Entering the key from the used email and choosing your language and nation or region come next.

Step Three

This is more of a question than a step. You will be required to go over many possibilities. This will cover promotions, surveys, and advice.

Following review, click “download now.”

Step Four

Depending on the browser you are using, this following step may vary.

You will click the “run” option if you are using Internet Explorer or Edge. If you are using Chrome, click “set up.” All you have to do with Firefox is click “save” or “file.”

Installing Successfully

When you finally get the message “you are all set, Office is installed now,” your installation was successful.

After that, an animation will show up. This will walk you through finding and navigating through Office programs on your computer.

Product Key for HUP

  • This instruction pertains to the Professional Plus, Project, and Visio versions.
  • It will be helpful to save a copy of your Microsoft HUP product for activation.
  • All you have to do is input your product key when the virtual support representative asks you to.You’ll only need to input your product key when prompted by the virtual support agent.
  • This virtual support representative is a great resource. But only in English is this tool available.

Activation of Microsoft Office Products

This also holds true for Visio, Project, and Office Professional Plus.

  • Step One: No account creation or signing in required.When this question appears, you will select “I do not wish to sign in or establish a new account.”
  • There will be a tiny link at the bottom of the window with the option. After confirmation, you will choose to “use a different account.”
  • Step Two: To activate Office, enter your product key.
  • Step Three: Finally, accept all licensing conditions.

New Office Product Key Care

In the event that you purchase or receive a new Office product key card, you must adhere to the instructions provided on Office.com/setup.

This procedure, which can add your new Office product to your Microsoft account, will only need to be done once.

Three simple steps make setup simple.

  • Use your Microsoft account to log in. Note that in order to use Office, you will always require a Microsoft account.
  • Put in the product key.
  • Just grab your workspace.

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