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Windows Server Datacenter 2019 DVD 16 Core Full OEM

Windows Server Datacenter 2019 DVD 16 Core Full OEM


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Windows Server Datacenter 2019 DVD 16 Core Full OEM

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Windows Server Datacenter 2019 DVD 16 Core Full OEM

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  • Has a licensed product key
  • Has one secured download link
  • This server is only compatible with Windows and Linux devices.
  • To ensure lifetime use, it requires an authenticated Microsoft account support.

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The newest Windows Server 2019 takes pride in its high-quality and cloud-compatible system. This latest Windows edition is a must for every organization with its attested file storing and sharing administration. Both individuals and teams alike can enjoy the benefits of the Datacenter 2019’s new features plus the built-in functions from the Standard version. 


Using this reliable server, you can keep up with your industry's needs when it comes to the remote workplace and cloud features. With the latest upgrade of the Windows Server Datacenter 2019, your organization can optimize physical and remote workplace setups. It’s best for SMEs that require a feasible licensing option when it comes to cost. 


Furthermore, this comprehensive server solution comes with packed benefits, making it highly cost-effective. It offers tools to administer and monitor your server's status to take the most crucial steps in business. It features functions for modernizing your system, enhancing security, reporting, and installation options. Furthermore, this particular Full OEM edition works as a per-system licensing.


Product Inclusions:

  • Has a licensed product key
  • Has one secured download link
  • This server is only compatible with Windows and Linux devices.
  • To ensure lifetime use, it requires an authenticated Microsoft account support.


What features are included?

Flexible Installation Options

Now, users have the option to install your server either through Desktop Experience or Server Core. These available installation options enable businesses to manage their business accordingly.


Support for Scripting Languages

Through the Windows Server Datacenter 2019, users can utilize various scripting languages, including Node.js, Java, C#, and Python. Furthermore, as the server makes use of a cloud-ready system, it enhances the process of app creation.


Top-Notch Security 

With the widespread malware attacks, it is essential to have a server that can keep all your files and data safe. Thanks to the Windows Server Datacenter 2019, organizations can ensure protected file storing and sharing. The server includes multiple security feature updates such as the Windows ATP to protect your devices from unauthorized access and malware attacks.


System Insights 

The new Windows Server edition highlights the local-based predictive analytics for better insight on server activities. Organizations can implement this feature on their business to track and monitor their server's performance and status. Doing so would allow users to utilize a cost-effective and low-risk system as they can take crucial steps based on raw data.


Hybrid Benefits of Azure

The virtual work environment has never been easier with the introduction of the virtualization capabilities of Windows Server. Users can benefit from the hybrid benefits of Azure in making a highly-functional remote workplace.


More Features 

The exciting upgrades of Windows Server 2019 never stop with these other features. Now, users can exhaust various system resources such as integrated identity, cloud building, offline mode Shielded VMs, convenient Linux support, enhanced cluster sets, and even a cross-domain cluster transfer.


How will I receive my software or product?

With Fastsoftware's automatic allocation system, customers can guarantee instant product delivery and customer support. Right after the completion of your order, you will immediately receive a product key and secure link. We will also send you a verification email beforehand to notify you of the transaction. We ensure instant customer support at any time of the week, 24/7.


Important Reminders for Buyers:

  • This server may not be compatible with devices that do not have a Linux or Windows OS.
  • Note that you must have at least 32 GB disk space and 512 MB memory to proceed with the installation.
  • Since this is a digital product, you will not receive an installation disc upon purchase. 
  • Please make sure to have a valid Microsoft account to activate your product. You can easily sign up for an account on their website.


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