Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs
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Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs
Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs

Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs


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Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs

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Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs

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  • Instant and secure digital download link to Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs
  • One (1) license product key for a five (5) device
  • 24/7 access to customer service
  • Product utilization for a lifetime

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Experience a stronger and more functional infrastructure through the Windows Server 2019. This Microsoft’s latest server operating system, catered to all kinds of businesses. Creating 

First, the 2019 Windows Server consumes less space but more efficiently. You can save disk space and use it for other applications and files. It also incorporates automatic updates so that businesses are always using the newest version. As a result, the installation process is smooth and faster than ever.  

Creating cloud-native applications and upgrading traditional applications are also made easier and better through the use of containers and microservices. 

The 5 Device CAL gives more flexibility and functionality to the Windows Server 2019. Aside from enhanced productivity, security, and coverage, users can also add up to five devices to the license. In order to use the licensed server and access all features, each user or device is required to have a legitimate Windows Server CAL or Core license. 

This product is an efficient solution that enables users to develop and scale their business through the new license model.


Product Inclusions: 

  • Instant and secure digital download link to Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs
  • One (1) license product key for a five (5) device
  • 24/7 access to customer service
  • Product utilization for a lifetime 


What features are included?


Desktop Experience and Server Core

Users can choose between the Desktop Experience or Server Core, depending on the flexibility they want. These two installations can deploy your server based on the needs of your business. 


Supports scripting and coding languages

The 2019 Server for 5 Device CALs supports different languages such as C#, Python, Java, and Node.js. Users can develop new products and create applications through cloud-ready solutions and advanced support for different languages. 


System Insights 

This new feature allows local predictive analytics and that determine the health and performance of both your business and server. Using these data, users can be able to reduce costs and develop better decision-making skills. 


New and enhanced features

Users can expect several new and enhanced features in the 2019 version of Windows Server. Experience cutting-edge technologies. These include the ability to build cloud and hybrid applications, offline mode for shielded virtual machines, and support for Linux containers on Windows. It also features failover clustering, Azure-aware clusters, and cross-domain cluster migration. 


Improved Security 

Improved security measures are implemented to keep your server protected from malware threats and other suspicious attacks. Security is tightened through the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard, Security with Software Defined Network (SDN) and Shielded VMs.


Hybrid benefits through Azure

Using Azure, users can experience next-level virtualization workspaces can be more powerful. You can also make the most of your investments and gain hybrid benefits through datacenter.


Larger storage

Windows Server 2019 incorporates larger and better storage options for users. The following features have been added: Storage Replica, Storage Migration Service, and Log Performance. 


How will I receive my software or product?


Fastsoftwares is committed to instantly deliver products to our customers, 24 hours a day. We have an allocation system in place that allows us to complete transactions in just a few clicks. After the payment is processed, customers will receive the license product key and digital download link. As soon as the order has been completed, we will immediately send an email confirmation to our customers. 


Important Reminders for Buyers: 


Take note of the following system requirements before you install the Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs:

  • Your device must have at least 32 GB available disk pace and 512 MB memory
  • Processor speed of 1.4 GHz or better
  • This product only runs on Windows operating system


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