Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs
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Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs
Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs

Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs


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Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs

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Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs

100% Genuine Microsoft product key, for use anytime, anywhere.
Our “Lifetime Guarantee” for peace of mind upon purchase.
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  • An instant digital download of the software
  • One (1) product key
  • A lifetime license and product guarantee from Microsoft
  • 24/7 customer service support for Microsoft users

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products that you purchase come with a 90-day return and guarantee period. So, if you receive any product that is faulty or damaged, then we fully refund you once we process the damaged product.

Yes, we have done quality testing and verification for all the products on this site. So, you can be assured of the good quality products.

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Businesses and organizations having their servers can reap benefits for the growth, especially during these modern times. In case you are looking for a server that can handle all the workload your business requires, Windows Server 2016 User CALs is the one for you! Microsoft created this server solution to ensure your business server’s longevity. 


CAL means “Client Access License.” In accessing the licensed server, each user or device must have a Windows Server CAL or other similar licensing solutions such as Core or RDS CAL. Each CAL has a new connection that has all the features an employee can take advantage of and enjoy while working.


Worried about adding new servers takes much of your time? Not with Windows Server 2016, as it saves up your time by immediately adding 50 User CALs to your server. Your business or organization will already be a level ahead instantly.


Windows Server 2016 50 User CALs added exciting and improved features so you can work more and worry less about losing your data and other information.


Product Inclusions:

  • An instant digital download of the software
  • One (1) product key
  • A lifetime license and product guarantee from Microsoft
  • 24/7 customer service support for Microsoft users


What features are included?

Infinite Scaling

The affordable licensing model can make you scale your business infinitely without the hassle! Simply buy any Core or CALs, add to your server, and you’re good to go!


Ease of Transfer

Do you have any files from your old Windows server? You can easily transfer files from your previously used server to Windows Server 2016 CALs by updating your Hyper-V-clusters from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 Standard.


New and Improved Hyper-V-Clusters

The updated features of Hyper-V-Clusters improve the quality of your servers by providing better and faster network virtualization.


More Secured Server

Windows Server 2016 has added security software like Windows Defender and Windows Server Antimalware, and say goodbye to data breaches and malware infections on your most important files! Use these to prevent external malicious attacks and to protect your sensitive data and connections.


Host Guardian Service

Windows Server 2016 has a shielded virtual machine called Host Guardian Service that allows you to host a shield virtual machine and control who and what can access your Hyper-V-Clusters.


Less Corrupted Files

The Resilient File System (ReFS) is also one of the primary features of Windows Server 2016 to prevent your files from being corrupted.


Powerful Remote Experience

On your Windows Server 2016, OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 1.1 create a redefined remote and a redefined experience when working remotely with your connections in your server. Not only does it make your work much more effective, but it also increases your performance and stability of your remote connections.


Nano Operating System

Windows Server 2016 has a new Nano operating system option in the cloud. The New Nano operating system helps reduce the risk of any critical security issues and repetitive reboots.


How will I receive my software or product?

Order your product from our website. Once we processed and confirmed your payment, you will instantly receive a download link and a product key. This process usually takes 15-20 minutes upon confirmation of your purchase. Should there be any problems, you can reach out to us so we can settle it immediately.


Important reminder for buyers:

  • Since this product comes in a digital download, there will be no installation disc included.
  • This product can be used for one (1) Windows device only.
  • Before purchasing any product from us, make sure to check the minimum installation configuration, as seen in the system requirements.


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