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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Service 5 Device CAL

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Service 5 Device CAL


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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Service 5 Device CAL

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  • Already includes a product key license
  • Must have Windows OS to use the product
  • Using other OS products is not allowed
  • Microsoft Accounts is needed to have life-time access to the product

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Service

Windows Server is Microsoft’s server operating system that renders advanced and high quality server features while also providing a Windows-quality user interface to its clients. The features give greater adaptability and capacities on each part of the server, to information stockpiling, to information security, and to application operation. 

R2, which signifies "release 2", is the second form of the Windows Server 2012. With this rendition, it consolidates different huge enhancements; however, it doesn't actually qualify as an absolutely new program since it is as yet dependent on the past working system.

Remote Desktop Services that is included in the Windows Server 2012 gives a sole foundation that is reliably capable of supporting remote work. It intends to lessen the expense of the server and match it fittingly to clients' needs. Through this server, the Remote Desktop Service makes it feasible for clients to get to their Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 from anyplace on the planet while still guaranteeing that control and consistency. With various projects related to the Remote Desktop Service, clients can accomplish the sort of experience expected when directly connecting with the server while having the adaptability to work from anyplace.

Product Inclusions:

  • Provided with one single download link
  • Already includes a product key license
  • Must have Windows OS to use the product
  • Using other OS products is not allowed
  • Microsoft Accounts is needed to have life-time access to the product

What features are included?

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 serves different types of clients with a wide assortment of tools to maximize their server use. The most helpful tools include:

Remote Desktop Services

Clients like you can work anywhere without giving up your own intellectual property security. This is probable through the remote access this feature gives to its clients. This, thus, increases your own productivity in your own personal workplace.

PowerShell cmdlets

Microsoft PowerShell is a configuration system that automates various kinds of tasks with a scripting language. Presently, a minimum of 2300 cmdlets are in-built for the server. You will also get the chance to encounter firsthand the accompanying upgrades: improved web access and job booking capacity. 

Enhanced Hyper-V

Hyper-V had experienced the most comprehensive changes. Hyper-V currently underpins new tools in light of a better and boundless virtualization, especially in the data center version. Other than this, the component bolsters 64 processors and 1TB of RAM per virtual machine in association with the server's extended virtual machine memory access.

Improved Data Deduplication

In many cases, organizations face issues as far as having an efficient framework that oversees documents and information stockpiling. Flooding archives and email inboxes are just a small piece of the issue. In any case, with the information deduplication included, you don't have to stress over not having enough space. The Microsoft Server will consequently distinguish and evacuate any copy records or information without damaging the information itself.

Resilient File System

From utilizing the New Technology File System, Microsoft Server 2012 moved to utilizing the Resilient File System or also called RFS. It is capable of supporting larger sizes of documents and also avoids possible corruption of files. Subsequently, RFS permits you to encounter better productivity as far as scaling and information accessibility.

How will I receive my software or product?

Quick product delivery is made possible given our automatic allocation system. After processing your order, expect to receive the software’s product key and a secure link directing you to the Microsoft website. As part of verifying and completing your purchase, an order confirmation email will be sent as well. For any service-related concerns, rest assured that you can get in touch with us 24/7. 

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Be sure to keep your devices up to date. Also use a compatible operating system, in this case its Windows. 
  • You will not receive an installation disc upon purchase because this is a digital product.
  • You will need a valid Microsoft account for the product activation.
  • Please make sure to have a valid Microsoft account to activate the product. You can sign up at Microsoft’s website for free.
  • If you encounter installation problems, feel free to contact our experts for assistance. 




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