Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License
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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License

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  • A secure product key
  • A protected download link
  • Features an updated Language Pack
  • Your organization can access Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License for lifetime use with authentic Microsoft account support.

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Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License is the best OS for organizations requiring a license for a significant volume of devices. This is why the system is perfect for small to medium enterprises, business, and academic establishments. Compared to single-use license editions, it is a much more cost-effective way to install Microsoft Windows on many devices.


Moreover, this upgrade of Windows has a lot of upgrades in its customization and function, applications, and cloud features. Streaming and gaming applications are also available for use on the system’s docking screen. With all its upgrades, Windows 8.1 is a secure and reliable operating system as expected of Microsoft.


Product Inclusions: 

  • A secure product key
  • A protected download link
  • Features an updated Language Pack
  • Your organization can access Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License for lifetime use with authentic Microsoft account support.


What features are included?


Windows 8.1 Pro offers newly added functions that are best for productivity:


Smart Search Feature

Windows 8.1 Pro’s Smart Search feature allows users to search for files on your computer with ease. It also lets you search the web through Bing, as well as SkyDrive, and other more apps. Additionally, it has an improved Mail and Photos that make it more accessible and navigable.


Enhanced Organizational Functions

The OS is perfectly designed for organizational use with functions such as remote desktop access and shared folder. It also has enhanced encryption through the help of BitLocker. When it comes to organizational capacity, Windows 8.1 Pro towers over other operating systems.


Live Notification 

The system incorporates a live notification function that allows you to keep updated with emails and social media. You can also customize it accordingly, depending on your preference. The feature includes a new start screen design. The lock screen also displays essential components such as the clock widget, calendar, and email notifications.


New Windows SmartScreen

The new Windows SmartScreen feature allows you to ensure that your desktop is secure with the latest security features. It prevents suspicious and malicious programs from entering your device and from damaging it.


Snap Function Addition

Windows 8.1 Pro’s desktop display has a convenient Snap function. This element allows users to perform tasks with more efficiency. Using the tool, you can run and display programs simultaneously without having any issues.


Hot Corners Feature

The new hot corners feature allows users to access application shortcuts easily. It functions when you point the mouse on the corners of the screen. Also, it gives users the ability to customize the content of the Start Menu.


Automatic Refresh Option

Windows 8.1 Pro has the ability to refresh the system and give you an enhanced boost when it comes to user experience.


Microsoft SkyDrive

Windows 8.1 includes a free SkyDrive program in its system. Hence, it has an upgraded synchronization. Cloud storage enables users to save, sync, and share data online. It also serves as a backup for instances such as hard drive failure. You won’t have to worry about losing your files as you can easily access the backed-up data.


Meanwhile, Windows 8.1 Pro can also support other cloud storage apps of your preference.


Skype Application

Aside from SkyDrive, Skype is also an official program of Windows 8.1. Since this license is targeted for organizations, it is a must-have to have a ready-to-use app for video conferences.


How will I receive my software or product? 

Fastsoftware’s digital allocation system enables users to receive their products instantly. Upon order completion, our customer support will immediately send the product key and download link for your software. Moreover, we will send an email notification before that to confirm the transaction. Fastsoftware has reliable customer support that you can access 24/7.


Important Reminders for Buyers: 

  • You can only upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro upgrade license if your device has an installed Windows 8.1 Core operating system.
  • As this is a digital product, you will not receive an installation disc upon the transaction.
  • Do make sure to have a valid Microsoft account for product activation. You can sign up at Microsoft’s website for free.


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