Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (Single License)
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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (Single License)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (Single License)

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (Single License)

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (Single License)

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  • Includes a secure software key
  • Has a protected download link
  • Includes an updated language pack
  • The product is available for lifetime use with authenticated Microsoft Account support. 

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To level up the Windows 8 OS, Microsoft came up with Windows 8.1 Pro. Many users felt that the upgrade of Windows 8 was too quick and lacking in many functionalities. With the move to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 Pro, it has taken the software to the highest level of operating system standards.  


Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro incorporates all the essential features of Windows 8 with some adjustments. If you want an operating system with stability, quality apps, with touch-based navigation, get Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro.


Product Inclusions: 

  • Includes a secure software key
  • Has a protected download link
  • Includes an updated language pack
  • The product is available for lifetime use with authenticated Microsoft Account support. 


What features are included?


Customizable Design Interface

Windows 8.1 Pro allows users to tweak backgrounds and themes to their liking. You can also personalize the colors and sizes of multiple tiles according to your style and coordination preference.


All App View and Sorting

The OS puts all apps in one organized menu where you can manage all your apps. Each application has a customizable tile where you can file it as necessary. Furthermore, you can quickly launch an application while in the middle of using another. 


Enhanced Screen Capabilities

Users can now run multiple apps at once for up to four apps, depending on the screen size. It allows you to monitor and view your work from various angles. It also includes the Quick Links menu that enables users to shut down the device or sign out accounts quickly.


Autocomplete Function

You can now type more quickly with Windows 8.1 Pro’s autocomplete feature. How it functions is the onscreen keyboard would give multiple suggestions according to the letters or word you type. It also incorporates an update by Bing, which includes slang and current word trends in its autocomplete dictionary.


Start Button

The backlash against Windows 8 was the removal of the Start Menu. The Start Menu has been a quintessential feature of the Windows OS, so this response was expected. Hence, for Windows 8.1 Pro, Microsoft brought back the Start Menu that makes navigation more organized.


Windows Store

The Windows Store in Windows 8.1 Pro had a design upgrade that makes it easier to navigate apps and updates. Also, here, you can choose numerous media options that you need in one location.


Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player

Along with the Start Menu, Microsoft also brought back the Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player. These two features have been considered a staple component of the Windows OS for photo and video viewing.



Photosynth is a new photo editing tool feature. The tools allow users to access various editing enhancements with the option to create panoramas.


One Drive

One Drive is the newest file hosting service of Windows 8.1 Pro edition. It allows users to store files in the cloud securely. 


Transparent Device Encryption Function

This function keeps your files hidden from other users. You have an option to encrypt your data that are invisible to other users until you sign in.


3D Printing Capability

Windows 8.1 Pro also has the capability to support the hardware for 3D printing.


Windows Defender

This tool allows you to scan for malware even while you’re using the operating system. Hence, you can ensure that your OS is free from damaging viruses and malware.


How will I receive my software or product? 

Our digital allocation system provides an instant service for all customers’ orders. Upon completing your purchase, our customer support team will instantly send you the product key and secure download link. Before that, we will email you a verification to confirm the transaction has been completed. We provide quick and instant customer assistance for you 24/7.


Important Reminders for Buyers: 

  • You can only download the software for Windows-compatible PCs.
  • Since this is a digital download of the software, you will not receive an installation disc. 
  • Make sure that you don’t have an existing Microsoft Windows in your PC before installation.
  • To activate the product, you will need an authentic Microsoft Account. Please register for an account on Microsoft’s website.


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