Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP
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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP


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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP

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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP

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  • Protected link for download
  • Single, unique Microsoft-licensed product key
  • Compatibility with Windows-capable systems
  • Unlimited use upon registration to a Microsoft Account

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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Single Upgrade OLP

Microsoft has always been known for the Windows operating systems. With the changing technological landscape, Microsoft provided us with an impressive update through Windows 10. Windows 10 is available in Home and Professional versions. Most everyday users are satisfied with the Home version. However, businesses can get more out of the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. 


This version is best for business with a maximum of 250 computers. Everything the business might need can be found in Windows 10 Professional given the integration of Windows Server and Windows 10 Home edition. 


In addition to all the essential features, Windows 10 Professional offers various security tools. This includes BitLocker to secure system data, as well as flash drives and other external hard drives. This operating system also supports remote connection so you can work on your desktop files from any device. Windows 10 professional also features Client Hyper-V, which enables you to run other operating systems such as Linux. 


In general, Windows 10 has proven to be a major upgrade when it comes to speed vs the older Microsoft operating systems. Given this, you will experience quicker startup, more efficient program runs, as well as more seamless gaming. But even though the speed has greatly improved, its stability remains. You will have minimal to no worries at all of experiencing unwelcome errors.


This particular license is open, which means it can be used even by government affiliates, not-for-profit organizations, schools, and other institutions. This is one of the cheapest ways to avail of Microsoft licenses for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations.


Product Inclusions:

  • Protected link for download
  • Single, unique Microsoft-licensed product key
  • Compatibility with Windows-capable systems
  • Unlimited use upon registration to a Microsoft Account


What features are included?

Windows 10 Home edition is already a good version of Windows 10. However, Windows 10 Professional provides additional tools and features for those who need them. 


Windows 10 Professional provides tools to secure files and drives. Moreover, Windows 10 Professional already comes with the Microsoft Office Suite including MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These programs can be used in multiple devices and accounts.


The Start Button is back

Windows 8 surprised its users by doing without the Start button. In Windows 10, the Start button is back and the menu is tiled. With that, it can be easily and efficiently accessed by touchscreen devices. 


Virtual assistance with Cortana

Technology keeps on advancing and so is Microsoft. In Windows 10 Professional, you will find yourself with your very own virtual assistant. Cortana is Microsoft’s counterpart for Siri and Alexa which allows you to command it to do certain functions and tasks.


Seamless touchscreen integration with Continuum

If you ever had any difficulty with using touchscreen devices with Windows, Continuum fixes that. This feature senses which hardware you are using so the correct interface will be used at the onset.


Use multiple devices with Universal Apps

Several of us own different devices. With Universal Apps, you can use your Windows applications in all your devices such as the Xbox and your PC.


Control with Group Policy

This feature allows you to control how Microsoft 10 Professional will function for different users. 


Increase compatibility with Hyper-V

Hyper-V lets you run other operating systems. With this, you can run applications that may have compatibility requirements.


Security with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

Windows Defender comes with the operating system and protects you from viruses. With its new and elegant algorithm, your devices are protected from ransomware. Windows Firewall, on the other hand, notifies you of any suspicious activity. 


How will I receive my software or product?

Product delivery is quick. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with details on your product key and the secure link to Microsoft. These details will also pop up on your screen for your convenience. This service is available 24/7.


Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Only compatible with Windows-capable PCs
  • No installer will be given as the product is purely digital
  • Ensure that no older versions are installed to prevent installation problems
  • Register for a Microsoft Account to activate the product.




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