Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit
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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit


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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit

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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit

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  • A secure download link
  • One license product key
  • Lifetime use of Windows 10 Home Edition (a Microsoft account is needed for valid support)


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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit

As the years progress, we rely more and more on technology for carrying out our daily tasks. People nowadays can never imagine living their lives without the assistance of computers, smartphones, or the internet. And since computers are such necessary tools for making our lives easier, it is of paramount importance that we choose the best hardware and software for them. You may begin this by installing a reliable operating system that will get your computer running. 


Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition is the most advanced operating system developed by Microsoft up to date. Its core infrastructures are specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern users: connectivity, accessibility, and security. If you are worrying about the potential price of this OS, do not worry because this Home Edition offers just the basic functionality of Windows 10 for personal use to make this OS more affordable.


There is definitely a reason behind Windows 10’s popularity as a world-class operating system. Is your laptop or desktop computer running on Windows 10? If not yet, you should definitely give Windows 10 Home Edition a try. 


Product Inclusions

  • A secure download link
  • One license product key
  • Lifetime use of Windows 10 Home Edition (a Microsoft account is needed for valid support)


What features are included?


Versatility-Oriented Design

Be it for personal or professional use, computers are great tools for people who multitask. That is the reason why Windows 10 is developed with an interface that allows for efficient multitasking. The Task View features gives users a perspective on all the applications currently running in the background. Users can also set up multiple desktops so they can have a more organized approach to their tasks. 


Enhanced Security 

Together with the flourishing of cyberspace, a lot of cybercrimes have also mushroomed, and this necessitates operating systems to be reliable and secure. Windows 10 strictly follows a multi-factor authentication protocol which assures the users that their computer is safe from imminent threats.  For other devices with the necessary sensors, users can also set up a biometric authentication scheme for additional level of protection. 


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Most people nowadays use not just a desktop or laptop computer - they have smartphones, consoles, and smart televisions as well. Thus, it is important for the different files and applications from one device to be compatible with the others. Windows 10 boasts of its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which enhances the compatibility of different Windows-supported devices. For instance, if you own both a tablet and a laptop that are running on Windows 10, files and apps that you use on your laptop will also be accessible through your tablet. The UWP also allows you to synchronize data between your laptop and tablet in a more convenient manner. Now, if you only have a laptop that is touch-enabled, Windows 10 is equipped with a Tablet Mode so that you could use your laptop as a tablet. 


One-Stop Shop

For users who are looking for several applications that they can use for all of their tasks, Windows 10 offers a Microsoft Store which is a one-stop shop for all their applications and media needs. Downloading from the Windows Store guarantees the users that the apps they install are secure and compatible with their device. 


How will I receive my software or product?

The system we use is tailored to give excellent service to our customers at all times, so we verify every step of your transaction, from ordering to product delivery. Once the customer has placed an order, we will send the product key, the secure link, and an order confirmation through email right away. 


Important Reminders for Buyers:

  • This operating system runs on computers with a minimum of 1 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and 800x600 screen resolution.
  • Since this is a digital download, no installation disc will be delivered.
  • Users should uninstall older operating systems prior to installing Windows 10.
  • Product activation requires a verified Microsoft account. Please sign up for an account by clicking here. 


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