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Microsoft Project Server 2019
Microsoft Project Server 2019

Microsoft Project Server 2019


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Microsoft Project Server 2019

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Microsoft Project Server 2019

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  • Download link securely included
  • Only one license product key
  • Includes an upgraded language pack
  • This is compatible with Windows only
  • Life-time usage and this requires a Microsoft Account for support

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Microsoft Project Server 2019

Microsoft Project Server is a server dedicated to dealing with various small-scale to large-scale projects. In its initial release way back in 2000, it was called under the name "Project Central". This product was established using Microsoft Sharepoint to oversee the exchange of records between associations. With the help of Microsoft Project Server, you will be able to easily facilitate all of the dynamic and complex tasks in your projects, significantly increasing administration and automation. In addition, it also functions as a customer application.

Product Inclusions:

  • Download link securely included
  • Only one license product key
  • Includes an upgraded language pack
  • This is compatible with Windows only
  • Life-time usage and this requires a Microsoft Account for support

What features are included?

Project Web App changes and improvements

There are a few major changes that have been made to the Project Web App that greatly improves user experience, administration workflow, and group task automation. There are also added features such as detailed reporting data and optional alerts to email notifications.

Get a clearer view

One of the significant goals of any project is making sure you have a clear and understandable view of it. This permits you to increase your basic knowledge of seeing the direction of the project and planning the best course of action. These new timetables are more visually appealing and incorporate start and end dates and labels to each timeline.

Improved reporting

This product guarantees an improved system of eliminating unnecessary volumes of information that will be transferred. Because of this, there's a substantial rise in the conversion rate of the OData reports.

Greater flexibility and customization

In any project management plan, adaptability and versatility are some of the key elements. Hence, Project Server 2019 integrates enhanced flexibility options as well as additional customization settings in your project process.

Faster searching with unique project IDs

Because of the enhanced Individual Project IDs, clients may now be able to appreciate quickly and progressively precise search results. This ensures that users will able to invest fewer hours on waiting and maintenance. This component also permits you to refer to an independent project that may be changed later on as the project progresses and scales up.

Automatically matched installation languages

In Project Server 2019, there exists a base language that is being matched to your language, freeing you from manually choosing it. You be able to directly utilize and understand your server with the help of this satisfying feature. However, there are unique cases in which the base language wouldn't be able to match which includes Thai language.

Alternate language packs

In this current version, Microsoft isn't able to support language packs individually for Project Server 2019. Rather, it makes use of a substitute language that can be accommodated to all accessible languages in the product. Meanwhile, for the languages that aren't locally supported, the product will change it to English.

Better long-term support

Microsoft's improved support system guarantees that Project Server 2019 is able to assure its flexibility and more prominent optimization service for the Project Web app even for the next few years. The standard help system is set for both Project Server 2010 and Project Server 2013 are expired while the support for Project Server 2016 will end by mid-2021. This is a call to upgrade as soon as possible so that you will have access to long-term assistance.

Expand your portfolio

Project Server 2019 has incredible and proficient data management tools that will enable you to support high numbers of PM use cases which improves your productivity and efficiency long term.

How will I receive my software or product?

You will be able to receive the software by getting a product key and secure link that will be delivered to you at any time of the day, and you will receive an order confirmation email to verify and seal the purchase.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Take note that it is only compatible for Windows
  • No installation disc is included but instead will be provided a direct link
  • Please uninstall older Microsoft Office versions before installing the product
  • The activation requires a legitimate Microsoft Account, so you may sign up when you click here.


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