Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License
Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License

Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 Open License

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  • One (1x) license product key
  • Only compatible with Windows PCs
  • Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • Life-time use of the product if the user is registered to a Microsoft account

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Open License

A great presentation tool created by Microsoft Office that would help teachers, managers, executives, or students in presenting material to other people -Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 is your best bet. This application is used for creating presentations that allow the user to visualize and view information through slide shows. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 can be used alongside other Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel in importing and exporting data. The ease of integration among these applications is what makes Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 remarkable.

Product Inclusions:

  • A trusted download link
  • One (1x) license product key
  • Only compatible with Windows PCs
  • Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • Life-time use of the product if the user is registered to a Microsoft account


Product Features:

New Visual Effects

This feature can make a presentation contain a good flow of information and visuals that are pleasing to the audience’s eyes. Aesthetics, alongside maintaining the professional outlook of the presentation, can be achieved using PowerPoint’s visual effects.


New Transition: Morph

A new transition has been added called Morph. This allows the users to put animations in elements when transitioning to another slide. The size, position, and rotation angle of the elements will automatically be updated by PowerPoint. 


New Tool: Zoom

The Zoom function allows the user to have a more impressive and lively presentation. An animation similar to zooming in and out of elements can be created using this new feature.


Scalable Vector Graphics

The user will be given access to Microsoft’s library of high-quality vectors that can be used to brighten presentations and to add icons that would complement the theme.

3D Model

3D models are much better than static images. The use of this feature saves a lot of time, especially when working with heavy visuals. 3D models created can be viewed from all angles by rotating it up to 360 degrees.


Background Removal from Images

Unwanted background from images can now be eliminated without the hassle of using another image editing software. PowerPoint enables automatic detection of image background that can be easily adjusted.


Digital Inking Improvement

The additional feature for digital inking is that the user can now choose and customize pens, highlighters, and pencils that will suit their needs.


Presenter View

This feature allows the presenter to view the notes, and the previous and upcoming slides while the audience only sees the current slide being presented.

How will I receive my software or product?

Because of our automatic allocation system, we deliver the product in an instant. After the order has been processed, the product will be instantly sent. The software’s product key and secure link to the Microsoft website will be made available to the customer. An email confirming the order will also be sent to verify and complete the purchase. Our quick and 24/7 service are guaranteed to our customers.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 may not compatible with other operating systems.
  • No installation disc is included in the package since digital download link will be provided.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 would have to be downloaded from our website.
  • You need to signup for a Microsoft Account before having access to the product.


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  2. You will receive an email with the Official Microsoft download link and Product key in less than 30 minutes.
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