Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC
Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC

Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC


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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC

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  • Compatible to Windows-PC only
  • Incompatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • Our products are for life-time use and requires a Microsoft Account for support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products that you purchase come with a 90-day return and guarantee period. So, if you receive any product that is faulty or damaged, then we fully refund you once we process the damaged product.

Yes, we have done quality testing and verification for all the products on this site. So, you can be assured of the good quality products.

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 is a presentation program included in Microsoft Office suite produced for all levels of the academe and profession. It is utilized to render 3D models, charts, videos, alter pictures, and modify content. With these, it turns into a more proficient and engaging presentation. The software allows individuals to attain a striking presentation without spending unlimited hours attempting to make sense of a complex application. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 can be synchronized along with other applications, for example, Word and Excel to import information systematically.

Product Inclusions:

  • Includes a secure download link
  • Only one license product key
  • Compatible to Windows-PC only
  • Incompatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • Our products are for life-time use and requires a Microsoft Account for support

What features are included?

Presenter View

With the Presenter View feature, you will be in charge of all the processes and commands behind the presentation. This feature allows you to have your own interface for privacy and control at the same time but not sacrificing the experience you will provide to your audience. Significant highlights include controls, presentation notes, and access to preview to your previous and next slides - with the complete assurance that the viewers can only see the present slide.

Innovative visual effects

Powerpoint has numerous innovations that allow it to become a competent tool for the past decades and for the next years to come. In one software, it packs all the beautiful transitions to create graceful flow from one slide to another. It can also be applied as text effects to your content to provide an incredible impact that keeps the eyes of your crowd on the screen. The option to add your own custom-made transitions is accessible to everyone also.

New Morph transition

An additional transition called Morph has been added in Powerpoint 2019 to create a more user-friendly way of animating elements. This extraordinary tool can revive a simple slide into something more dynamic.

New Zoom tool

Zoom is another tool that permits you to create your presentation effectively. It allows you to set movements to zoom in or out to certain elements in your slides. These movements can be applied with presets such as Summary Zoom and you are able to overview all of the contents of your presentation.

3D models

When taking projects that include overwhelming visuals, utilizing 3D models will save you from first trying to understand complex tools. The freedom to fully control what to show to your audience helps in making a better and powerful presentation. Certain objects such as creatures and structures are a lot simpler with 3D models instead of using unchangeable pictures. The option to make use of rotations from all angles livens up your models.

Insert Scalable Vector Graphics

Adding excitement to your presentation slides has become easier by embedding icons and Scalable Vector Graphics. When deciding to do this, you are offered access to Microsoft's library of icons in more than 25 different classes. Once you have selected your icons, you may be able to resize, rotate, and even change colors to match them with your existing template.

Improvements to digital inking

If you long to freely select and personalize pens for various purposes, digital inking capabilities allow you to do these. There are numerous options such as highlighters and pencils that you can choose from and modify its settings to match your preference. Having a digital stylus unlocks more options such as pencil texture that enables you to draw as if you are writing on paper.

How will I receive my software or product?

Rest assured that the product key and secure link will be delivered to you immediately with the help of our automatic allocation system at any time of the day. You will also be sent an order confirmation email to verify and seal the purchase.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • Only compatible for Windows 10.
  • There will be no installation disc is included in the package as we provide a digital link.
  • Make sure to uninstall older Microsoft Office versions before installing the product.

Product activation requires a valid Microsoft Account. Please sign up for an account by clicking here.


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