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Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows


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Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows

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  • Includes one secure download link
  • Contains one license product key
  • Software is only compatible with Windows-PC
  • The software may not be compatible with operating systems, such as Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • All Fastsoftwares products are available for life-time use with a valid Microsoft account’s support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products that you purchase come with a 90-day return and guarantee period. So, if you receive any product that is faulty or damaged, then we fully refund you once we process the damaged product.

Yes, we have done quality testing and verification for all the products on this site. So, you can be assured of the good quality products.

You get lifetime support for the products that you purchase from our site. So, you can send us an email to our customer support team and give us your queries. We will solve your problems and ensure that the issues are resolved.

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Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is the leading software for managing emails. The software features an enhanced synchronization that upgraded its functionality. It has an improved management ability that allows users to manage data more efficiently. Aside from scheduling emails, users can now organize emails, take notes, and maintain social networks on-the-go. Furthermore, the software’s responsive design has made it more accessible to users.

Product Inclusions:

  • Includes one secure download link
  • Contains one license product key
  • Software is only compatible with Windows-PC
  • The software may not be compatible with operating systems, such as Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux
  • All Fastsoftware products are available for life-time use with a valid Microsoft account’s support.

What features are included?

Focus Box

The Focused view feature allows you to focus on essential tasks at hand. It segregates urgent emails and Tasks in a Focused tab and non-urgent ones in another tab. This function also allows users to utilize a Focused view of contacts, files, and calendars.

Built-In Calendar with Synchronization Feature

It is easy to forget important dates and tasks. Outlook 2016’s built-in calendar feature enables users to plan and schedule meetings with ease. Plus, with the software’s synchronization feature, you can receive reminders of important events and tasks across your devices. These calendar features allow users to manage and organize essential tasks as clearly as possible.

Collaboration Feature

Outlook 2016 enables users to collaborate and share files using the software. Moreover, teams can integrate Skype for Business video calls in real-time to discuss important matters. You can do this all in one place without needing to close the Outlook window.

Increase Email Storage Capacity

The software also comes with an increased email storage capacity that allows users to enjoy their daily email usage. Along with this, users can organize email data efficiently with the software’s upgraded tools and functions.

Upgraded Themes

While efficiency is a priority, Outlook 2016 also features a new set of themes for users to choose from. It allows you to make management more professional-looking and pleasing to the eyes.

Recent File Tab

Outlook 2016 now allows users to access a folder of recent files quickly. It saves time when you need to edit the latest file or when you need to attach it to an email. Now, users won’t need to browse through hundreds of documents to find the specific recent document that they’re looking for.

Responsive Design

Outlook 2016 highlights a responsive design that switches its design when you resize the window. Hence, even if you resize your window to a smaller size, you’ll still have a clear view of its content. As such, the software is perfect for users with smaller tablets.

Upgraded Email Settings

With Outlook 2016, users can set a time limit to emails. For example, if you want to remove and delete all emails from two weeks ago automatically, you can easily modify it in the settings menu. This function is great for users who want to keep emails organized and up-to-date.

How will I receive my software or product?

Our smart digital allocation system makes it possible to deliver products in an instant. Right after a customer completes the order, we will immediately be sending the Microsoft product key and secure link. Customers will also receive an email verification confirming the order completion. From the order processing to delivery, we assure an instant delivery. Our efficient system ensures quick service 24/7.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • This software may not be compatible with some operating systems.
  • Please note that since this is a digital download, you will not receive an installation disc in the package.
  • Please don’t forget to uninstall and delete any existing Microsoft Outlook version in your device before installing

To activate the product, you will need a valid Microsoft account. You may sign up for a Microsoft account here.


  1. Place the order for your new Software.
  2. You will receive an email with the Official Microsoft download link and Product key in less than 30 minutes.
  3. Follow the instructions we sent to your email to Install the Software.

What if I misspelled my email address?

Don’t worry, we can correct it. Give us a chat or send us an email to [email protected] We usually respond right away. Your satisfaction is our top priority.



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