Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows
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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows


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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows

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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows

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  • Secure download link
  • One (1x) license product key
  • Lifetime use of package (requires a Microsoft account for valid support)
  • Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products that you purchase come with a 90-day return and guarantee period. So, if you receive any product that is faulty or damaged, then we fully refund you once we process the damaged product.

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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (for Windows)

The Microsoft Office suite has long maintained its reputation of being a ubiquitous and indispensable tool in the workplace. Need to write a letter to a colleague? Microsoft Word helps you with that. Pitching a business idea to potential investors? Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to create clinching presentations to get their approval. Want to keep track of your team’s progress? Microsoft Excel is built with the right functionality to do that task. The MS Office suite always has something to offer for every need that arises in the workplace, and it is continually refined so that its users will have the best working experience.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional is one of the most recent versions of the suite, and it boasts of several improvements from the existing versions. Aside from enhanced applications included in the suite, the main innovation of Office 2016 Professional is its collaborative capabilities. Because multiple remote users are able to work together on a single file in real-time, productivity is greatly bolstered and working becomes more enjoyable.

 Product Inclusions:

  • Secure download link
  • One (1x) license product key
  • Lifetime use of package (requires a Microsoft account for valid support)
  • Not compatible with Mac OS, Apple iOS, Chromebook OS, Android, and Linux

What features are included?

Top-notch Applications for Productivity

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional offers an array of applications to aid users in a variety of tasks in the workplace. These applications are upgraded from the previous released versions, ensuring maximum productivity.

  • Microsoft Word 2016: This word processor is the go-to application for creating documents and editing texts. Word 2016  allows direct formatting and insertion of elements such as tables, charts, and pictures in PDF files.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016: The robustness of Excel solidifies its status as the leader in spreadsheets. New built-in functions and powerful computational tools make data manipulation and financial analysis in Excel 2016 easier than ever.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: PowerPoint enables users to create interactive audio-visual presentations. The 2016 version of this application has a revamped Designer function to make sure that every slide produced is elegant.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016: Note-taking is brought to another level by this application. With OneNote 2016, other apps in the Office 2016 suite such as Excel or Word can be seamlessly integrated into your Notebook.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016: Sorting your emails and accessing their attachments through other apps in the suite are made easier by Outlook 2016.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016: More templates for creating brochures, certificates, and other documents have been added to the 2016 version of Publisher.
  • Microsoft Access 2016: This version of Access comes with more tools for managing your database and for smoothly integrating it with other applications.

Cloud-enabled Collaboration

Most tasks in the workplace are meant to be done collaboratively, and this reality is addressed by Office 2016 Professional. Through the use of OneDrive, a cloud-enabled platform, multiple users can work together remotely and in real-time. All of the applications included in the Office 2016 suite has a Share button that connects you to your workmates in just a few clicks. Files could also be stored in these platforms for future use or for back-up.

Tell Me Feature

Whenever a user needs assistance with any application in the Office 2016 suite, the Tell Me feature suggests to the user a series of steps to enable him to continue with whatever his task is.

How will I receive my software or product?

Our products are delivered almost immediately, thanks to our smart allocation system. Right after completion of the order, a product key and a secure link, as well as an order confirmation, will be sent via email. The entire process will be monitored and verified from order to completion. Our robust system ensures efficient service whenever it is needed.

Important Reminders For Buyers:

  • This software is for Windows only. It is not compatible with other operating systems.
  • Since this is a digital download, no installation disc is included in the package.
  • Older Microsoft Office versions should be uninstalled prior to installing Microsoft Office 2016 Professional.

Product activation requires a valid Microsoft Account. Please sign up for an account by clicking here.


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