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Why Buy Microsoft Office Product Key From A Microsoft Partner?

FastSoftware as Microsoft PartnerImagine a day in your life when you opened your computer, and you are prompted for a Microsoft Office product key.  The first thing that you might do is that jaw-dropping-in-awe feeling.

Then you suddenly found yourself panicking here and there because you’ve got a deadline to meet. What happened? 

You bought your Microsoft Office in a complete package including the most important thing – the product key just a few months ago. 

So why on earth did this happen?  It’s a common scenario that usually happens when you buy Microsoft products from an untrusted online store.

Which, you wouldn’t want to experience in your life. Right? And because nowadays Microsoft Software Products are disc-less already, counterfeiting then is uncontrollable. 

Continue reading this article to know more about why you should buy Office Keys to a Microsoft Certified Partner.

How To Determine A Legitimate Seller Of Microsoft Office Product Key?

In these trying times, as most other people do, we make sure that our money is spent as needed only and avoid being spend-thrift.

As we go through the tons of lists of Microsoft Office software sellers, it is somehow tedious to choose which is a legitimate seller of genuine Microsoft products. 

The first thing you need to do first is to know which online store you’re going to purchase legit Microsoft product keys.

If there is such a thing as “Know Your Customer,” then it would be wise if you should “Know Your Seller” as well.

FastSoftwares Us As A Certified Microsoft Product Partner

Buy Microsoft Office Product Key with FastSoftwares online platform FastSoftwares is a legitimate online one-stop-shop eCommerce platform that sells genuine Office Keys.  

As a Microsoft Certified Partner or MCP and authorized seller of genuine Microsoft, you have the assurance that you are with a safe hand.

The company has an expert support team that has undergone and passed the Microsoft Certified Training Partner to provide accurate 24/7 support to its customers. 

So, from the moment you purchase your product keys, you can now activate your MS Office. FastSoftwares gives you a life-time guarantee for customer support. 

Should you have difficulties using Microsoft Office products that you purchased from our site, please reach us. But as per experience, all customers are satisfied with FastSoftwares Service.

Let’s go a little further in knowing better what is a Microsoft Product Key and its functionalities.

What Is A Microsoft Office Product Key?

The product key is like a password for a program, which can only use once, and without it, you might be able to run it as a trial version instead. 

Any Microsoft Windows operating system requires product keys during the installation process and other Microsoft-related products.

When you buy an Office product keys online, you will receive it in the package in your email. Before anything else, you may want to check first which Microsoft Office best suits your computer. 

There are different types of product keys combination assigned for every Microsoft Office version, and below is a sample list of Microsoft Office products that require Product Keys:

So, whichever of these versions works well with your computer, checking its validity is the next thing you should do.

Importance Of Buying A Genuine Microsoft Office Licensed Key

It is important to buy your Office licensed key only from a trusted Microsoft Partner for the following reasons:

  • Only Microsoft partners sell genuine Microsoft Office Products.
  • There are stability and compatibility for faster and reliable performance.
  • There is protection against malware and other cybercrime.
  • 24/7 lifetime customer support

How To Use Microsoft Office Product Key

Type in www.microsoftstore.com in the search bar. Then navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and then select Sign In.

And type in your user ID and password you used to purchase Office when prompted. After signing in, choose Order History. Find the type of purchase you have,  Office one-time or individual Office App To view your product key, choose the Install Office on the given options.

A pop-up will appear showing your product key. That will be the time you select Install Office After you choose Install Office, you will then be redirected to a new page that says Hi. Let’s Get your Office.

The following steps will be as easy as ABC. Just follow the prompts as shown on your screen. So you can connect your Microsoft Account with your product key. And it will begin the installation process.

Check If The Microsoft Office Key Is Genuine

 A Microsoft key is a unique  25-character mixture of alphanumeric code that’s used to activate Windows and for Microsoft Office, which looks like this: PRODUCT KEY: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX In determining if your Microsoft office key is Genuine, this guide might be useful for you:

  • The Product Key Channel section Windows Script Host box:
  • If it says OEM <method>, then you have got an OEM license installed.
  • If it says Retail, then you have a retail license installed.
  • If it says GVLK, VOLUME_<method>, you have a volume license installed.

(GVLK stands for Generic Volume License Key). So, if you have a Volume license installed on your single client-based system, it’s not genuine. This is why Microsoft product keys are essential to keep you using your Microsoft Office smoothly without being prompted now and then with product keys.

Buy Your Microsoft Office Product Key At Fastsoftwares Now!

Trust only FastSoftwares for your legit Microsoft office licensed key and experience a more reliable and safe customer service performance. 

On our page, click the “Shop Now” button and start shopping for the best Microsoft products for you. After checking out, you will automatically get the product and license in your inbox.   

The safest and fastest way in getting your genuine product key is with FastSoftwares.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping Microsoft office product key at FastSoftwares now!

Your one-stop-shop Microsoft Software Product Keys.

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